Conquering the eternal snows in Climber: Sky is the Limit

Deepak Gupta June 4, 2022
Updated 2022/06/04 at 6:38 PM

The conquest of the great mountains and eternal snows has always been a challenge for the human being, and the Polish team Art Games Studio comes to celebrate precisely that: Climber: Sky is the Limit.

Come and learn more about this survival game that takes place in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

In development by Polish studios Art Games Studio (and published by PlayWay Games), Climber: Sky is the Limit is an adventure game that mixes simulation and survival elements, in the high mountains of the planet.

As it will be easy to guess, in Climber: Sky is the Limit, the player is a climber in search of adrenaline and adventure, through climbing some of the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world.

It is, as it will be easy to understand, an extremely difficult and dangerous task where careful planning is crucial, including the choice of equipment, food, tools and accessories because, along the way, there will be many obstacles to overcome, such as drastic changes in weather conditions or avalanches.

By the way, the development team of Climber: Sky is the Limit has already made it clear that the game is strongly betting on a singleplayer campaign in which it assumes a special importance precisely during the planning phase.

Before leaving for each expedition, the player will have to choose the trail to follow. In addition to the morphological characteristics of the terrain, you will also have to take into account the expected atmospheric conditions. Sometimes, the seemingly easiest path is not always the best...

Timing is sometimes the most important thing in a climb of this nature. Sometimes, the difference of a couple of hours marks the line between reaching the peak or getting stuck in the middle of a heavy snowfall.

Each mountain has its own difficulty and specific challenges (avalanches, large crevasses, vertical walls, unstable weather conditions,...) and for each challenge, various tools will be available.

Whether ice axes, carabiners, suitable footwear, support ropes,... the player will have to prepare in advance. A note to the fact that, as you would expect, the equipment and tools present in the game are based on the ones that exist in reality.

Rest will also be important in Climber: Sky is the Limit and as such, we will also have to think about the rest and strength recovery equipment we take with us. Details like good food management to recover energy, a good sleeping bag to rest the body or a warm coat to face the snow (yes, body temperature will be important) are crucial.

Of course, all this requires investment, whether in travel, equipment,... and in this way, Climber: Sky is the Limit features a fundraising system that will allow players to raise enough funds for each expedition. However, some sponsors may require some kind of challenge to be overcome...

In the game we can find some of the most imposing mountains on the planet, such as Everest, K2, Broad Peak.

As a curiosity, Art Games Studio revealed that, in order to create the most realistic and immersive simulation possible, they developed the game with the support of professional climbers.

Climber: Sky is the Limit will be released for PC later this year, sometime in the second half of the year.

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