Copy and Paste: How it works

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 8:11 AM

“Oh, you just do copy and paste and that’s it.”
If this sentence irritates you, you’ve come to the right place. actually is “copy and paste” a common term when dealing with computers, which is why hardly anyone can avoid it.

Copy and Paste: Translation and Definition

Like so many terms, especially in the technical spade, “copy and paste” is an Anglicism. Translated, the three words are “copy and paste,” which explains their meaning as much as possible.

It’s mostly about making your job easier. For example, if you have to send an email with the same content to twenty people, but still want to use a personal salutation, simply do “copy and paste”. An example is:

“Dear Madam…/Dear Sir…,
I cordially invite you to our gala on February 27th, admission is at 6 p.m. In the appendix you will find all the information regarding the program, the dress code and the menu. We are looking forward to your coming.
Best Regards
John Doe”

An example of a copy and paste message

Messages that appear in your inbox on Instagram or Facebook, for example, are often “copy and paste” messages. Strangers send the same message to hundreds of people. The goal is usually for you to click on a dubious link, advertise a company, or become aware of the person’s profile.

Copy and paste: It’s that easy

“Copy and paste” cuts down the working time significantly in itself, since you no longer have to type every single word. However, it becomes particularly easy if you use a so-called shortcut. This works like this:
1. Highlight the text to be copied.
2. Now hold down “Ctrl + C”. On a MacBook, the combination is “Command + C”.
3. Then go to the text field in which you want to paste your copied text.
4. Now hold down “Ctrl + V” or “Command + V”.
5. Now you have successfully copied and pasted the text.

Tip: The formatting of the text is often adopted, for example if you copy a text from a Word document into an e-mail. To remove the formatting, first paste the text into the address field for the website. Then click “Ctrl + A” to select everything in the box and then “Ctrl + C” to copy all the content.

Conclusion: copy and paste is absolutely simple

In fact, the feature is a very popular tool in the office world and by everyone who works with computers. In addition to copying and pasting text, you can also use a few key combinations to delete content. However, there are numerous helpful shortcuts that make the work easier. There are also iPad and iPhone shortcuts that can come in handy.

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