COVID-19: Restrictions in China put Apple’s iPhone production at risk

Deepak Gupta April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 3:10 PM

Concerns about production in various areas of the industry have increased since the Chinese government reimposed restrictions because of COVID-19 infections. There are outbreaks across the country that are forcing the population to stay closed at home again, unable to travel to their jobs.

Questions regarding the production of the iPhone are again being questioned, after the global production of Apple devices was revised downwards.

Apple, because of the war in Europe, seems to have reduced the production of the new iPhone SE by 20%, as well as other devices in its portfolio. However, this downward revision could be even more affected.

China's lockdowns jeopardize iPhone production

China's constant lockdowns, further motivated by the spread of COVID-19, could jeopardize the production of the iPhone. The Zhengzhou economic region is practically at a standstill with the population banned from leaving their homes.

Foxconn, one of the main factories associated with the production of the iPhone, is located in this area, which could strongly affect the North American company, according to the report. Bloomberg.

While in many countries, after an effective vaccination campaign, life is practically normal, China maintains a policy of severe restrictions.

These blocks, for example, come after company employees undergo mandatory testing. It should also be remembered that just a few weeks ago, the company was forced to stop in Shenzhen, because of COVID outbreaks.

Currently, iPhone production has not yet been affected, but there are already shortages associated with the production of MacBooks.

Remember that Apple launched its iPhone SE 5G about a month and a half ago and all these situations that the world is experiencing could affect Apple's accounts.

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