Create a new Apple ID: Here’s how

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
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One Apple ID to create is one of the basic iPhone settings. So when you get a new iPhone, this will be one of the first things your device will ask you to do. Therefore, it never hurts to know how to re-create your Apple ID. This can be done in a few simple steps.

Create an Apple ID – why?

The Apple ID is an extremely important account that every Apple user uses. This account consists of your full name, email address, a password that you create yourself, and your date of birth and telephone number.

If you have already had an Apple ID, you probably know that you can use Apple services such as Apple Pay, iTunes or iCloud with it. This is quite practical and clear, because all these programs then run on a single account.

Now that you know what the Apple ID is for, the next step is to create a new Apple ID. It depends on whether you already have an account or not. If you don’t remember exactly, check first.

If you don’t see any results, you can simply create a new Apple ID. According to Apple, this can be done in a few simple steps:

Create a new Apple ID (for iPhone, iPad and iPod)

The creation is very simple and really does not take long. However, there are two different ways to create them:

  1. When setting up the device
  2. Via the App Store

For the former, do the following:

  • First click on “Forgot your password or don’t have an Apple ID yet?”.
  • Then click on “Create a free Apple ID”.
  • Enter your date of birth and your name and click “Next”.
  • Choose between “Use current email address” or “Free email from iCloud”.
  • Now confirm the email address according to the instructions on the display.

You can also opt for two-factor authentication, which provides more security.

If you did not create an Apple ID during setup, you must enter it in the AppStore furnish. It works like this:

  • Open the App Store and click on the sign-in icon (gray man).
  • Click on “Create a new Apple ID” and enter the required data (name, email address, date of birth).
  • Optionally, you can enter your bank details at this point (for later purchases in the App Store, on iTunes, etc.).
  • Then confirm your phone number and email address.
  • After the email confirmation, sign in to the Apple services you want to use.

Create account on Mac

If you want to create the Apple ID on your Mac, you can do this in the same way as with the other devices in the settings or in the App Store:

  1. About the settings
  • Open your Mac’s System Preferences and click Sign In in the top-right corner.
  • Click Create Apple ID, then enter your email address, then tap Create Apple ID.

You then have the option to enter your bank details again. And then you can already log in to all Apple services and use them.

2. Via the App Store

  • Open the App Store on your Mac.
  • Go to “Sign in” and then to “Create an Apple ID”.
  • Enter your data again.
  • The email address you provided is now your Apple ID.
  • If necessary, enter your bank details.
  • Now confirm your e-mail address and you can use all services.

Create Apple ID – For Windows PC or Android device?

Yes, that actually works too. Even if you don’t own an Apple device, you won’t go away empty-handed as a Windows and Android user:in.

  1. For Windows devices
  • Install iTunes for Windows and open the program.
  • Now click on “Sign in” at the top and then on “Create a new Apple ID”.
  • Enter your data (date of birth, name, bank details). A bank account is not necessary.
  • The email address you entered is your new Apple ID.
  • Confirm the email address using the confirmation link in your email inbox.

at Android smartphones or Smart TVs the procedure is very similar. However, you do not open iTunes for this, but and enter your data here again.

Conclusion: Creating an Apple ID is a piece of cake

As you’ve probably already noticed, creating an Apple ID isn’t rocket science. If one Apple ID is not enough for you, we will show you here how you can use several at the same time. If you ever break up with Apple again, here’s how to sign out of your Apple ID.

Source: Apple Support

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