Crypto Browser: Opera Launches Dedicated Crypto Browser

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 9:54 AM

Opera launched this Wednesday (19), its browser Crypto Browser in Beta Version. With many features such as easy access to cryptocurrencies/NFT, integrated crypto wallet and support for decentralized apps. The beta version of the browser is available for android, Windows and Mac.

According to Opera, the function of the browser is to provide users with a streamlined experience with cryptocurrencies, which is usually complicated for many people. One of the main features is integrated wallet that supports blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos. The idea is to allow access to the wallet without the need to use any kind of extension in the browser.

It is possible to buy cryptocurrencies, exchange crypto directly in the wallet, as well as being able to access balance and transaction information. Other functions include, support for web3 – blockchain-based decentralized internet – and also offers extra security through blockchain-based encryption. The browser also provides access to the GameFi, so the user can play while they receive it, as well as navigate the expanding metaverse.

Finally, the browser will also offer the Crypto Corner (Cantinho da Crypto) with the latest information about blockchain, which allows the user to keep up to date and learn more and more.

expanding market

With all the big companies wanting to enter the metaverse, with NFT patent creations, in addition to ambitious plans for the future of the virtual environment. It makes sense to create a tool that facilitates user access to the cryptocurrency market.

While coins like Bitcoin break price records and continue to show signs of staying strong, the expansion of the digital currency market is very clear. Within the next few years, with the advancement of the metaverse, subjects such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain will increasingly be part of the daily lives of those who browse the internet. Many people criticize the practices related to NFTs, mainly in the games industry, but the big developers seem interested in investing in the market.


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Source: Engadget, Opera

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