Cybertruck: Tesla no longer promises its futuristic car for 2022

Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 2:52 PM

Elon Musk was on stage during an event by the Tesla in 2019 to present the cybertruck, the company’s futuristic pickup truck that would be launched in 2022. The company’s car presented several interesting concepts in a very questionable look, but since the official presentation the company has been saying little about the model, including removing the possible release date from the vehicle’s official website.

Who identified the removal of the year that the cybertruck will be available for sale was the portal mashable, who used the page Internet Archive to identify the removal of the warning still in December 2021. The automaker had already totally eliminated some information and the price of the pickup, now also doesn’t talk anymore when he intends to officially launch it.

Initially the Tesla stated that would start mass production of its new model in August of last year, but after that she revealed that she is postponing the start of manufacture to 2022. This does not necessarily indicate that the model will delay, but everything indicates that the automaker is no longer confident in the official launch later this year.

Credits: Playback / Mashable

As pointed out by the portal Gizmodo, the company of Elon Musk ended up with their PR department, so there’s no one at the company who can officially respond to that.

When first announced, the model was touted to be the “armored personnel carrier of the future”, something that was in doubt during the presentation itself, where the indestructible glass of the pickup window cracked when it shouldn’t be in the presentation. The automaker stated at the time that the cybertruck would be launched costing US$ 39,900, with the ability to tow 3,401 kg and transport 1,587 kg, but the company has already removed the price from the official website, indicating that the vehicle may be launched more expensive.

If the company postpones the launch of its new futuristic pickup truck, this is one more of the promises of Elon Musk that he is not able to fulfill. The billionaire has previously stated that all cars in the Tesla would be autonomous in 2018, something that did not happen, and that their robot taxis will arrive in 2020.


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Source: mashable, Gizmodo

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