Daniel Hartwich stops: grief among the jungle camp stars

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 9:07 AM

Just a few days ago, the grand finale of the anniversary season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” on RTL. As usual, Daniel Hartwich (43) and Sonja Zietlow (53) led the show as moderator duo. As it turned out, Hartwich is leaving the format after ten seasons (2013-2022). The broadcaster confirmed this on Tuesday.

Some jungle camp stars have already responded to the announced farewell. “Daniel, if you see that, you can’t. You’re part of it, you’re just perfect with your sayings,” said a sad Danni Büchner (43) in a video available to RTL. Jürgen Milski (58) also finds the farewell “a great pity. The two always moderated it in such an entertaining way”. Hartwich is a “great, likeable and lovable person” and he hopes that the moderator RTL will still be preserved.

Ex-camper as a replacement?

Matthias Mangiapane (38) is already thinking about the future of the format: “It’s really sad that Daniel moderated the last time. But I think we have a lot of potential among the former jungle campers. As insiders, you would be predestined for it. I could do that too. I have a sharp tongue and I am a jungle expert.”

Under an Instagram post that RTL published on the jungle camp account for Hartwich’s farewell, jungle queen Jenny Frankhauser (29) wrote: “My utmost respect, Daniel! Shows once again what a great person you are.” Chris Töpperwien (47) agreed: “Family First! Right decision in my opinion! Thank you Daniel Hartwich!” And cult camper Thorsten Legat (53) adds: “The best ever. It was a great honor Daniel.”

The reigning king of the jungle Filip Pavlovic (27) also reacted to the news with regret. “I’m so sad about this news, but I’m damn glad that [sic] I was able to experience my season with you.”

For family reasons

Daniel Hartwich has already commented on his departure: “The reason for this is my family, who will no longer be able to accompany me in the future because of compulsory schooling.” He thanks all his colleagues.

It was “a joy and an honor” for him. But now he is looking forward to “enjoying the show as a viewer at home next year”. Together with Zietlow he had been in front of the camera for the format since 2013. At that time he succeeded Dirk Bach (1961-2012), who died in early October 2012.

In another statement, Zietlow wished “Daniel everything, all the best and love”. You can “completely understand his decision, even if I personally think it’s a shame.” The two have “experienced and lived through a lot together in the past few years. We laughed a lot and experienced and created unique moments. That will always be part of my life.”


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