Dedicated Servers: Maximum performance and great price

Deepak Gupta July 25, 2022
Updated 2022/07/25 at 5:48 PM

Common dedicated server You have absolute control and guaranteed location of your data. By working directly on top of the hardware and depending on the chosen configuration, it will have a performance superior to most Cloud environments.

If you’re looking for a Dedicated server with Premium quality, high performance and at a competitive price, then get to know the suggestions we have for you.

PTISP has launched a new offer dedicated servers at a very competitive price! For this new range of dedicated servers, the company bet, as always, on Premium Hardware in state-of-the-art configurations, and added more cores, more speed and higher performance, the CPU was updated to the latest, etc. You can also opt for pre-designed configurations or tailored to your needs.

With no acquisition costs and for a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual fee, you will have access to premium and state-of-the-art hardware. There is dedicated servers Linux, Linux Managed, Windows and Windows Managed.

Features PTisp Dedicated Servers

  • Fully dedicated premium hardware;
  • Configurations with higher capacity SSD and NVMe disks;
  • NVMe configurations with Hybrid RAID;
  • Options in mechanical disks and high performance SSD;
  • High performance when compared to Cloud and VPS servers;
  • Smart Dedicated Servers on Linux and Linux Managed Dedicated Servers, making them smarter;
  • 1Gbps uplink with no traffic limit in all configurations;
  • Option of 2Gbps and 5Gbps with no traffic limit. There is also the option of 10Gbps with price on request, however, if you wish to proceed or if you need additional information, you should send an email to;
  • Allow customizing and installing specific platforms according to customer needs;
  • Control, efficient management and remote reboot with access to network graphics;
  • Uptime of 99.9% without risk of abusive resources by other customers;
  • Direct connection to GigaPIX with ports at 100 Gbps (greater capacity and resilience, lower latency, greater control of national traffic, etc).
  • Servers housed in world-class Datacenters, which have several Certifications, namely: ISO 9001,
  • ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, among others;
  • Scalable and adjustable configurations over time (options vary depending on the configuration and we can help you design the right solution for your project)

Smart Dedicated Servers: Physical servers with a virtualization layer

Smart Dedicated Servers are physical servers with a virtualization layer, making them a much more efficient and scalable solution. It also allows you to take advantage of all the resources of a physical server in an environment that allows you to increase resources (RAM, vCPU, Storage) in a simplified way and according to your needs.

Why should you choose a Dedicated Server?

As we have already mentioned, Dedicated Servers or Bare Metal are composed of hardware dedicated entirely to a specific project or Client. A Bare Metal allows you to work directly on top of the Hardware and without the overhead of intermediate layers (virtualization).

Dedicated Servers have a fast, secure and continuous production capacity, guaranteeing you exclusive resources with great processing and storage capacity.

Although Dedicated Servers are limited to their own characteristics, in several cases, namely for operations where performance is an important component, a hybrid solution can be used, combining Cloud Servers or Virtual Servers with Dedicated Servers, increasing flexibility. Therefore, for cases where there is a high use of resources but at the same time regular, the Dedicated Server is a good option.

They are also the ideal solution for websites that have a high number of visits, as well as for online stores or distance learning platforms with lots of images and videos that require high RAM and CPU resources.

If you want a dedicated solution with full access as root or admin to host a large number of sites or just one with large needs for space and traffic and without sharing resources, a Dedicated Server is the right solution.

Dedicated Servers

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