Delete Android apps: 470 force a subscription on you without you noticing

Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 5:42 AM

Almost 500 malicious ones Android apps were able to unmask security researchers in the Google Play Store. They contain the Dark Herring fraud software. The perfidious thing: the applications forward mobile phones to websites that have dangerous programs. So far, damage of around one hundred million US dollars is said to have occurred.

Watch out for these Android apps

Criminals use the Android apps to silently bill victims for an alleged subscription. Those affected only noticed the sums that had been debited without authorization a few weeks or even months later. Fraudsters have long had the chance to withdraw the money.

Some of the 470 Android apps have been downloaded millions of times. They could be downloaded both from the Google Play Store and from third-party providers (via sideloading). These include the following applications:

  • Smashex
  • upgrade
  • Stream HD
  • My Translator Pro
  • Photograph Labs Pro
  • Grand mafia car
  • cast it
  • Crash King
  • 4K Wallpapers & HD Background
  • Sports TV
  • Camera Booster Pro
  • Football Sports TV
  • Fi-Fa 2021
  • feminine
  • stream now
  • love chat
  • Gaming Pro
  • Beauty Cam
  • Farm Village
  • Translate Me

You can find the full list of Android apps here. The applications have already been banned from the Google Play Store, but they could still be found on smartphones and continue to cause damage. Also, it is possible that they can be installed via third-party providers.

You should not only be careful with the applications listed here, but also with this Android app. She takes over your cell phone without being asked.

Source: t-online, GitHub

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