Delete apps now: Expert advises against 3 applications in 2022

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 12:12 PM

The new year is already a few weeks old, but it’s still worth getting rid of unnecessary ballast. This also applies to your smartphone, because it is precisely there that various unnecessary applications accumulate over time. If you can delete at least three of these apps, you’re doing yourself a big favor, at least in the areas of privacy and storage space.

Get rid of those apps: Delete may be a better choice

What is surprising at first: The tech expert Hasnain Khokhawala from the Technographx portal recommends deleting three very specific and in some cases widespread apps. That sounds unusual at first, but it is particularly advantageous if you want to start the new year with significantly leaner programs on your cell phone.

In addition, this can help protect not only your data and privacy, but also your wallet, according to the expert. All you have to do is consider whether you can do without the following services.

#1 Google Maps

Navigation applications such as Google Maps burden your smartphone and you with some functions, such as live tracking via GPS, constant synchronization and the collection of various user data. In terms of privacy alone, it’s worth deleting the app. There is also a change from last year. Accordingly, you can only use some functions of Google Maps against data.

But still: There are some Google Maps alternatives that might be better suited.

#2 Tiktok

Other security experts have emphasized in the past that it can be advisable to delete the TikTok app. This very popular application is also said to be increasingly targeting user data. According to Khokhawala, however, the accesses that the TikTok app requires are very questionable.

#3 Shock My Friends

The application “Shock My Friends”, on the other hand, is less well known, but according to Khokhawala it is said to be a fraudulent app that is promoted via social media such as TikTok and, according to user reviews, actually only steals your money. If you have this app, you should delete it anyway.

The good thing: the app has apparently already been removed from the (German) Google Play Store. However, it still appears to be available in the App Store.

How do I completely delete an app?

Don’t you know how to get rid of the mentioned applications? Then it depends on which smartphone you use. Because how you can delete an app is different for Android devices and iPhone. For example, to permanently delete Android apps, simply follow these instructions. The instructions on how to delete iPhone apps look completely different.

  • tip: If you don’t want to remove an application right away, but only want to hide it from prying eyes, you can also hide the app. This is possible due to the “Disable” feature.

Why can’t I delete the app?

In some cases, you may not be able to delete an app, as explained above, and the process may get stuck on the “App is being uninstalled” message. In such cases, restart your phone, after which the application should be gone.

On Android, uninstallation may be blocked by the Device Admin Privileges warning. Then you have to disable access first. To do this, go to settings and search for “device admin apps”. Here you remove the tick in front of the app that you want to delete.

Similarly, if the “X” doesn’t appear on the app you want to remove, disable restrictions on iPhone:

  • Settings > Screen Time > Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > Delete Apps – Allow

Less ballast for cell phones and privacy

So if you want to make your cell phone really fit for the year 2022, you can free yourself from unnecessary load in a first step by removing unused or unnecessary applications. In addition, you can also save a lot of money if you delete apps that belong to 4 specific categories. But there’s more to do than just that. You also have a whole range of options for spring cleaning your smartphone.

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