Did you really like this Netflix movie? Will soon give an “I love it” with 2 thumbs up

Deepak Gupta April 11, 2022
Updated 2022/04/11 at 11:38 PM

With a very wide range of movies and series, Netflix is ​​able to offer users the titles that suit them. Using intelligent algorithms, it manages to create well-defined profiles.

To further improve this ability, Netflix now has a very interesting novelty. In addition to the normal Like, you can now use a new Ado, and show that you really liked that movie or series.

The way to show whether or not we like a movie or a series is very simple on Netflix. With one of the 2 buttons present, they can rate and give an opinion on what they have just seen on this streaming service.

To further increase information about what users are watching, Netflix has a very interesting news. She has now presented a new button, which can show that it was much more than a Like.

Netflix movie series I love thumbs

The Love option is becoming available and can be viewed with 2 thumbs up. This enhancement gives users even more freedom to evaluate the content that is available for viewing.

More than showing how much they liked it, this new Love button also has an extra functionality for users. It tells the streaming service which genres the user likes.

Netflix movie series I love thumbs

With this information, Netflix will offer its users new titles, both movies and series. Thus, the user will gain a greater direct offer of titles to watch and enjoy within this streaming service.

With this new capability, users can finally define their preferences in greater detail. In addition to liking it, they can also love it and thus indicate which titles are really the ones they prefer.

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