Diesel and gasoline will drop next week! know how much

Deepak Gupta August 12, 2022
Updated 2022/08/12 at 12:17 PM

With another week coming to an end, it is expected what the fuel values ​​will be next week. According to analysts, the price of fuel will fall again next Monday.

Find out how much diesel and gasoline will go down.

Diesel is expected to cost around 1,716 euros and gasoline 1,785 euros

As we have seen in recent weeks, the price of fuel has been on a constant ups and downs. For the next week, forecasts are for a decline, with diesel falling 3 cents and gasoline 2 cents. Accounts made, the liter of simple diesel will cost around 1,716 euroswhile the liter of gasoline will go to 1,785 euros.

These values ​​may still undergo an adjustment, taking into account the closing of Brent prices this Friday and the behavior of the foreign exchange market, according to the ECO channel.

Diesel and gasoline will drop next week!  know how much

If these values ​​are confirmed, it would be necessary to go back to February 28 to find a cheaper average price of diesel at the pumps and to February 7 in the case of gasoline, says the ECO. In this case, a date clearly before the beginning of the war, 24 February. Diesel will thus register eight consecutive weeks of declines and gasoline ten.

It should be remembered that the evolution of costs depends, however, on each filling station, the brand and the area where it is located.

In order to make available to the public the fuel prices charged at filling stations, and that their knowledge may constitute a weighting factor in the consumer's choice and, in this way, also boost competition, was created, by Decree-Law 243/2008, of 18 December, the Online Fuel Prices Portal.

Diesel and gasoline will drop next week!  know how much

In addition to prices, information on the location, opening hours and services available at each filling station is also available.

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