Disney closes some pay-TV channels and renames others in Brazil

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 16, 2022
Updated 2022/01/16 at 10:19 PM

THE The Walt Disney Company, the supreme controller of the properties of the disney, confirmed several changes in pay-TV channels in Latin America. Soon, the company’s channels in Brazil will also undergo these changes. And there are changes of all kinds: channel death, name changes and the strange case of Fox Sports 2.

Disney closes channels to focus on streaming

The reason for the disney close the account and pass the ruler in several channels is the growth of Disney + (read “plus” in the “+” sign). With 118 million subscribers as of November 2021, the Mickey will direct more efforts to their streaming services. The channels that will be closed in the country are: Disney XD, Disney Junior, Nat Geo Kids (these three are aimed at children), FXM and Nat Geo Wild. THE Star Life (old one Fox Life) will turn into cinechannel from the end of March.

ESPN 1, 2, 3, 4 and Mambo no. 5

Something speculated (and expected) for a long time is the “end” of Fox Sports channels. THE disney had already closed the Fox Sports in Spanish American countries. The reason was to buy the Fox by Disney. The natural thing was that the same would happen in Brazil. It was even speculated a migration of sports channels from Fox to the ESPN, owned by disney since the 90s. But the Disney Group did it differently: ESPN Brazil now will be the ESPN. THE ESPN, which broadcasts international sports and mainly American sports, will be the ESPN two. the old ESPN 2 will be the ESPN 3. THE Fox Sports “dies” and is reborn as ESPN 4. THE Fox Sports 2 will be called… Well, it will remain as Fox Sports 2, even without the existence of Fox Sports 1. Identical to UFC cards that were canceled and did not change the name of the following events (example is UFC 151 which ended up being canceled and its next pay-per-view followed as UFC 152).


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