Disney wants to create residential community for fans, designed by Disney Parks team

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 16, 2022
Updated 2022/02/16 at 8:58 PM

Have you ever thought about living in a quiet neighborhood with a theme designed by Disney? Made and thought for fans of one of the companies responsible for populating the childhood dreams of countless generations? Apparently this will be possible in a few years, as Disney has just announced the project storyliving by disney that will develop planned communities of homes, crafted by Disney’s creative team.

The development will operate as a branch of the company’s theme parks division. Disney Parks, Experiences and Products executive Helen Park says the project seeks to recreate a peaceful community to live in. “Imagine an energetic community, with the warmth and charm of a small town and the beauty of a resort,” said Helen.

Currently, the only planned community will be called Cotino, a small town with a capacity of 1,9000 homes, built on Rancho Mirage in the Coachella Valley, California. Place where Walt Disney himself lived. Below you can watch the community’s first promotional video, which reveals concept art of what it will be like to live there.

A dream home

It is important to point out that although the project is being developed by the creative team behind Disney Parks, the community will not necessarily be inspired by the company’s worksas we can see from the conceptual arts.

Despite this, we can see that the place will carry something fantastic, from the houses, streets and decoration. In addition, the project seeks to offer the comfort of a large resort, with numerous leisure options, as we can see in the image of people enjoying the surroundings of the “artificial oasis of crystalline waters”, as reported by Disney.

The construction company responsible for the project is DMB, which has already executed several luxury projects in the United States. According to the information disclosed, the condominium will have open visitation for visitors who purchase a visit pass and the venue will feature “Disney entertainment activities year round”. In addition, a percentage of the housing (unspecified) will be allocated to residents over 55 years of age who are looking for a place to rest.

The price to buy a house in Cotino will certainly not be cheap. But if it is a successful venture, visiting the site should become a new Disney tourist attraction.


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Source: The Verge

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