Ditto: That means the abbreviation (with examples)

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 9, 2022
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The abbreviation “dito“Is often used in everyday life. This is because there is a fundamental meaning behind it. We’ll tell you about them here.

Ditto – Abbreviates and always works

As the combination of letters and the sounds suggest, “dito” does not come from the German language. The word has its roots in Latin. Since it derives from the verb “Dicere”, which means “to say”.

The word was then adapted in Italian as “detto”, which means “said” or “named”. It was later used in French as “ditto”. And then it was Germanized under the same meaning.

According to Duden, the abbreviation generally stands for a synonym for the following words:

  • also
  • the- / the- / the same
  • likewise / likewise / likewise
  • the same

It is clear that “ditto” is really easy to use. Whenever you want to express that something is the same or you feel something the same, the short word is perfect.

You don’t even have to know which synonym you are currently using, because “ditto” simply stands for all of them at the same time. It couldn’t be more practical: it is shortened and always works.

However, there are two things you should keep in mind:

“Ditto” always follows a sentence. So you can never use it without a context or fact that is presented beforehand.

In addition, you should only use it in parlance. It is a slang word that should not be used in formal language or writing.

Now that you have learned everything about the use, it is now time to internalize. And how could that work better than with specific context examples.

Duden, credits: imago images / Steinach

How to use the abbreviation correctly

Example 1:

“I wish you a nice weekend!” – “Ditto.”

Importance: “Likewise” or “also”.

Example # 2:

“I was in a good mood yesterday. My mother ditto. “

Importance: “Also”.

Example # 3:

“You always have to look after your belongings at train stations. Same at airports. “

Importance: “The same is true at airports”.

Other useful abbreviations

There are quite a few useful abbreviations in the German language. Ditto is just one of many. There are e.g. B. also the acronym “afaik”, which you should definitely know.

In addition, words are used again and again in new contexts. One example of this is “rubbish babbling”, which recently acquired a special meaning. With so many changes, it’s always worth staying up-to-date.

Source: Duden

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