DJI Mini 3 drone could be announced in April and bring obstacle sensors

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 8:11 AM

The series DJI Mini was launched by the manufacturer to “circumvent” the regulatory laws of countries such as the United States and Canada, the last model of this line was the DJI Mini 2 in 2020, which is the company’s lightest and most compact aircraft. However, last year the company did not launch a new model of this series, but in 2022 the leaks indicate that we will finally be introduced to the new one. mini 3.

DJI Mini 3: possible improvements

Information is still quite scarce about the Chinese giant’s new drone, but the portal Tech Radar gathered the main rumors about the new aircraft. Supposedly, the model will come with Several improvements over its predecessor, coming with a improved aerodynamics, bigger propellers, single chipset, bigger camera sensor and longer battery life.

One of the novelties presented by the portal for the aircraft is a new obstacle sensor, but implementing this feature can be quite difficult. This is because the proposal DJI Mini 3 it will still be to keep a very compact and light device, keeping under 250g, which makes it not need to be registered in some legislations such as in the USA, because of that it becomes difficult to bring improvements and add new features to the aircraft.

Credits: DJI Disclosure

Despite this difficulty in implementing novelties in the aircraft, the model should showcase some of the key features and changes the company will be bringing to its drone ecosystem. recently the DJI made changes to your SDK to give third-party developers more access to their aircraft’s hardware resources, this will allow new features even for the mini 2, but should be sold as a feature available at launch of mini 3.

Availability and price

THE Tech Radar points out that there are still many doubts about when the DJI Mini 3, but the portal points out that the leaker DealsDrone showed a possible December launch calendar for the company, stating that the new compact device will come out in April this year. If this is confirmed, the model should arrive about 18 months after the launch of its predecessor.

If information about the launch of the device is still scarce, about the possible definitive price as well. Rumors claim that the DJI shall launch the new aircraft with a price between US$499~$549, R$2,707 to R$2,979 in direct conversion.


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Source: Tech Radar

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