DJI Mini SE, Mini 2 and Air 2S drones released for other apps after MSDK update

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 6:06 AM

DJI finally released its Mobile SDK updated with drone support Mini SE, Mini 2 and Air 2S, thus allowing developers to update their apps and tools with support for these drone models. Tools like the DroneDeploy, one of the most famous in the world for mapping, have even added support for the new SDK and consequently for drones through an update of their app for smartphones and tablets, providing control of drones in these apps that have specific tools.

the app DJI Fly is aimed at consumers in general and brings features to this user profile, as apps such as DroneDeploy are very specific for other uses of the drone, in this case mapping. THE litchi is another famous App and one of the main alternatives to DJI Fly itself, bringing different functions, especially flights with waypoints, important because it allows you to make the same route at different times using GPS routes, that is, you make a flight saving a route, and you can do the same route whenever you want.

Developers will be able to add support in their applications for these drone models

This update will allow these drones to have important uses for different user profiles. As we have already highlighted in reviews here at Mundo Conectado, the Mini SE is the cheapest model from DJI, the Mini 2 is one of the best cost vs. benefit drones in the entire market, and the Air 2S is positioned as one of the best cost vs. options benefit when it comes to a high-quality camera drone, all of them now with uses beyond what they actually offer through the DJI Fly app, just for independent developers to add support for the models.

DJI Fly – Download, install and app functions for drone control

Below is a complete review of the three models that have just been updated on DJI’s NSDK:


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