Do you have forgotten money to receive? Central Bank launches website for consultation

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 3:55 AM

THE central bank once again released the consultation of money “forgotten” by Brazilians in banks. The service has been paralyzed since the 25th after a large number of hits caused instability and crashes on BC sites.

Now, the service has a specific website. However, in this first access, the user will only consult if there are values ​​available for redemption. To do this, simply fill in the CPF or CNPJ and the date of birth or date of opening of the company. After making the query, the site will show the result, but still no redemption option. Instead, the bank customer is given a date and period to consult and request the redemption of the existing balance. The dates are scheduled according to the year of birth of the person or the creation of the company, according to the calendar below. Find out below how to make the query.

Source: Central Bank
Date of birth (person) or creation (company) Scheduling period (consultation and redemption) Repechage date (for those who miss the scheduled date)
before 1968 7 to 11/3 3/12
Between 1968 and 1983 14 to 18/3 3/19
after 1983 3/21 to 3/25 3/26

How to perform the query

  1. go to the website

  2. Fill in with CPF or CNPJ and date of birth or date of opening of the company.

  3. The page will inform a date to consult the amounts and request the withdrawal – note this date.

  4. On the given date, return to the page

  5. Access the login to access the complete system.

  6. Finally, just check the data and request the transfer.

beware of scams

Be careful not to fall for scams:

  • The only website to consult and request these values ​​is here (
  • The Central Bank DOES NOT send links NOR contact you to deal with amounts receivable or to confirm your personal data.
  • NO ONE is authorized to contact you on behalf of the Central Bank or the Securities Receivable System.
  • Therefore, NEVER click on suspicious links sent by email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • DO NOT make any type of payment to access the values. It’s a hit!


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Via: Brazilian central bank

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