Do you have one of these apps on your Android? Uninstall now!

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 18, 2022
Updated 2022/08/18 at 2:15 PM

Malicious applications on smartphones are far from an exception. Unfortunately, new apps are often screened by the Play Store or App Store, with the aim of stealing data from users or displaying intrusive ads that lead users to unwanted pages.

Now comes a new list of 35 applications considered malicious and that are already installed on millions of devices. If you have any of these, uninstall them now!

It is often that lists of applications appear that are or have been available on the Play Store, which add up to thousands of installations and that may be compromising the security of users.

This time, the Bitdefender blog shared a list of 35 new apps that were created with the aim of stealing personal information and showing users unwanted ads.

As can be read in the publication,

Applications hide their presence on the device by renaming themselves and changing their icon and start serving aggressive ads.

While ads are not uncommon in Android apps, these specific apps use their own framework to serve them, which means they can also deliver malware to users.

Some of the apps can hide their presence by changing the name and icon after installation. An example that Bitdefender draws attention to is the GPS Location Maps app, which changes its name to "Settings" in an attempt to make location more difficult. Others may not appear in the list of recently used apps, so it is possible that it is not even known if they are running or not.

These applications are still available on the Play Store and can be uninstalled through the store or directly from the smartphone.

The 35 malicious apps available on the Play Store

    • Walls light - Wallpapers Pack
    • Big Emoji - Keyboard
    • Grad Wallpapers - 3D Backdrops
    • Engine Wallpapers - Live & 3D
    • Stock Wallpapers - 4K & HD
    • EffectMania - Photo Editor
    • Art Filter - Deep Photoeffect
    • Fast Emoji Keyboard
    • Create Sticker for Whatsapp
    • Math Solver - Camera Helper
    • Photopix Effects - Art Filter
    • Led Theme - Colorful Keyboard
    • Keyboard - Fun Emoji, Sticker
    • Smart WiFi
    • My GPS Location
    • Image Warp Camera
    • Art Girls Wallpaper HD
    • Cat Simulator
    • Smart QR Creator
    • Colorize Old Photo
    • GPS Location Finder
    • Girls Art Wallpaper
    • Smart QR Scanner
    • GPS Location Maps
    • Volume Control
    • Secret Horoscope
    • Smart GPS Location
    • Animated Sticker Master
    • Personality Charging Show
    • sleep sounds
    • QR Creator
    • Average Volume Slider
    • Secret Astrology
    • Colorize Photos
    • Phi 4K Wallpaper - Anime HD

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