Do you know how much your used smartphone is worth? Run the simulation here

Deepak Gupta May 31, 2022
Updated 2022/05/31 at 3:40 PM

The price of a smartphone tends to vary a lot depending on the brand and model, taking into account the time it has been available on the market and the brands of use.

So, do you have any idea how much your used smartphone is worth? On the Open Box Mobile website you can make this assessment with immediate results and who knows how to proceed with the sale or take over.

If you are thinking of changing your smartphone or if you have some lost in the drawers at home, know that they can still be worth some money. But how much?

Some models, looking at the market, may be easy to evaluate, but in general this is not a simple process. You're probably even thinking that no one gives anything for their smartphone anymore… you're wrong.

We discovered the Open Box Mobile website, which has a service for taking back and selling second-hand equipment that helps you to immediately understand the value of your smartphone.

The recovery of equipment in Open Box Mobile

Open Box Mobile is a store selling refurbished products, which is not limited to smartphones, but can find computers, tablets, accessories or smartwatches, among other products.

In the case of a take-back, in addition to the evaluation of smartphones on the website or through the request by email, you can request an evaluation of these other devices. Specifically, recovery is the exchange of old equipment for refurbished ones. It is an extremely simple and practical procedure for everyone, which allows the customer to get rid of equipment at the same time as having a new one.

The process takes place from the simulation, which can be online or face-to-face, as described below. You can also resort to Open Box Mobile to repair your devices.

How much does your smartphone cost? do the simulation

On the website just enter in this link and select the option “I want to sell my equipment”. Select the mobile phone option and the brand. If your smartphone brand does not appear on the list, you can fill in a quick form and you will quickly receive an evaluation in your email box.

After the brand, you have to choose the model, the version in terms of RAM and storage, indicate whether it is locked or not, and answer some questions about the status of the smartphone, such as whether it has original battery, original screen… grids depending on the state of the smartphone.

After this “self-assessment”, you will have to add your data and choose the option if you want to send the smartphone by mail or deliver it to a store. Once this is done, the assessment value is returned.

In this case, I learned that my almost 4-year-old Huawei Mate 20 Pro is still worth €90!

It must be considered that this is an estimated value. In store or with mailing, a new evaluation will still be made. If the price is to your liking, you can then proceed with the sale, and the amount can be credited in the Open Box Mobile store or be deposited in your bank account.

See how much your smartphone costs

How to prepare the equipment?

It is important that your device is sold or exchanged without losing your data. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some basic procedures, which are valid even in the case of sale in second-hand stores, or to give to a family member.

First, you should backup your device and remove all your accounts, performing a factory data reset. A cleaning, with a microfiber cloth, to remove fingerprints and other dirt will also be welcome.

How much is your smartphone worth?

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