“Down with the hurricane dictatorship!!!” The best reactions to the weather

Deepak Gupta February 21, 2022
Updated 2022/02/21 at 8:16 PM

The storms “Ylenia”, “Zeynep” and “Antonia” occupy the whole of Germany and should be taken seriously. Nevertheless, some users are (sarcastically) humorous about the strong winds and the severe weather warning on the Internet. These are the most imaginative tweets about Hurricane in Germany.

Hurricane in Germany: The best tweets

With “Antonia”, the third severe hurricane in Germany caused devastation within a few days. The hurricane gusts damage forests and houses and severely restrict car and rail traffic. So the storms are serious business first and foremost. But some users were able to find a humorous side to the storm.

“Buddy called and said he was worried about the trailer in his front yard. I told him to keep calm. Nothing will happen. He replied that he didn’t have a caravan at all.”

from Twitter/@mr_nice_ei

Some users post pictures of trampolines suddenly in the middle of the street or even on the roof to stand. Many use the hashtag “Sturmwichteln” for their “finds”. Above all, however, we find parallels to corona phrases.

storms and pandemic

Numerous users use phrases from lateral thinkers about the coronavirus pandemic and convert them or draw other parallels:

“The squalls are only so strong because we measure so much.”

from Twitter/@NickHeubeck

“Deutsche Bahn is stopping long-distance traffic in several federal states. Great. Even more walkers.”

from Twitter/@heuteshow

“We finally have to stop fearing the storm. We must learn to live with the storm. #lateral thinkers for beginners.”

from Twitter/@Lam3th

“Not a single child has died because of a storm this year. In addition, weather forecasts are sometimes unreliable. These unprovoked weather forecasts and sweeping school closures must end immediately. Schools are built of concrete and are therefore safe.”

from Twitter/@Caethan13

“Letter” to lateral thinkers

In addition, a whole “letter” to lateral thinkers is going around. About @Maren76286955 Splits:

  • “Dear lateral thinkers, don’t let the hurricane warnings persuade you! The meteorologists just want to make themselves important and lock you in your houses! Weather forecasts have often been unreliable in the past and you should therefore not take the current warnings too seriously. It is your right to go into the forest even in stormy weather! Don’t let this ban you under any circumstances – demand it! Meet spontaneously for walks – fresh air is good! The proportion of intensive care patients who have to be ventilated because of a ‘hurricane’ is negligible. So what’s the point of all this hurricane panic? After all, there are still beds available on the ITS… Those who died in the end mostly didn’t die of a ‘hurricane’, but were killed by falling branches and objects flying around. The lying press tries obsessively to establish a connection that has not been proven at all! The branches might have fallen down anyway because they were already old. In the last few decades, there has been no excess mortality attributable to ‘hurricanes’. So everything is pure scaremongering! Above all: It has not been proven at all that there are hurricanes at all. Nobody knows how exactly the wind measuring systems work, the wind speed may be much lower than the system weather service tells us. These are probably just ordinary storms, as they occur again and again! Finally wake up!!! The whole hurricane lie is a construct of the roof tile industry, which bugs you at the behest of Jeff Bezos when you repair your roof, if you haven’t already done it yourself with Alexa! Down with the hurricane dictatorship!!! Out into the air with you! Stolen & found to be good Stay healthy!”

The hurricanes in Germany apparently also aroused the humor of some people on the Internet. Nevertheless, the situation is serious. Jörg Kachelmann warns on Twitter of the consequences of the storm. The storm over Germany also has a consequence that many people probably did not expect.

Sources: Twitter

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