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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 7, 2021
Updated 2021/12/07 at 4:08 PM

In today’s article, we will learn about the “Truecaller” app for Android phones with the function of making a backup copy from the app for calls and messages to keep this copy and restore it to new while installing an app from another version and to learn about many other features of Caller ID Awareness and Calling Program for Android phones.

Truecaller Premium with backup engine

The working mechanism of the Truecaller app is around 90% dependent on its users, as the contacts saved on users’ phones are synchronized and joined to a huge database so that you can identify the identity of anyone. number from anywhere in the world, in addition to automatically blocking troublesome numbers which are also recognized as troublesome via user reports. Therefore, you benefit and benefit at the same time.

Truecaller features

In this section, we are going to learn about some of the main features of the Truecaller app, which has made the truecaller app one of the most popular Android apps, and it remains more reliable than ever. So let’s see the features of the application:

  • Record voice calls.
  • Save a backup of the registry and contacts.
  • Know who’s busy before you contact them.
  • Copy the number for identification.
  • Use the camera to copy the number instead of typing it.
  • Get a Premium version for free.
  • Permanently delete your truecaller number.

Truecaller Premium – Truecaller Gold –

After knowing the features of the Truecaller app, I can now congratulate you dear Truecaller Premium users that the version with us in this article is a copy which ensures that the app supports the easy backup process and backup of all user contact data, call history, messages and the backup process for all User data is easily and completely without excessive withdrawal from the Internet package in the case of using the air network “WI- FI ”or use of the telephone data network. With the addition of the function of recording voice calls.

Alternatives to using the Truecaller app

There are many features found in other apps that do the same job as the Truecaller program with support for Google Drive backup function and support many features of Truecaller to know which numbers are not saved in your phone. a quick shortcut:

  • Application Number Book : The number of downloads and usage of 10 million people on Google Play.
  • Whoscall : This program is fast and precise and is considered a very strong competitor.
  • Dalili program : This program can provide you with emergency numbers for each country.
  • Real Caller Program : This program can help you find out who is looking for your number or trying to view your profile.
  • Hiya program : It’s fast, and it alerts you with a security alert from the numbers that are calling you and that you have blocked before.
  • ID CIA Program : uses the Alternative Business function. This feature can help you find all the numbers for a specific business.
  • Real program : Its database contains 800 million telephone numbers.
  • Call App Program : this program determines the numbers which ring with great precision.
  • Show caller program : it allows you to organize the numbers, while facilitating the search and obtaining the number of your choice.
  • Eyecon program : It is considered to be the best caller name detection software because it can display caller photo from their social network.

Download Truecaller Gold with backup function

Download Truecaller 12.1.5 from MEGA


Download Truecaller 12.1.5 on MEDIAFIRE


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