Driver’s License: Can I present the digital version to the police?

Deepak Gupta April 14, 2022
Updated 2022/04/14 at 3:57 PM

As we have mentioned here on Pplware several times, the Portuguese State has an app that allows us to have identification documents. The app is called, it is free and allows you to store cards such as the citizen card, driving license, ADSE card, etc.). To do so, just use the Digital Mobile Key.

But can you present your digital driving license to the police?

According to the description of the app by the Public Administration, digital documents have the same validity as the original documents. Furthermore, in the case of driving licenses, with the latest revision of the Highway Code, these can always be replaced by the mobile application.

The Digital Mobile Key (CMD) is a simple and secure system for authenticating citizens on Public Administration portals on the Internet and has recently also become available on some private company websites - learn more here.

Can the digital driving license replace the physical document?

According to the new Highway Code, the driver must carry several documents, such as a personal identification document (citizen's card, for example) or driving license. However, according to the latest legislative changes, the mentioned documents can be replaced by the mobile application.

The presentation of the Citizen's Card, the Driver's License and other documents in digital format became an alternative to the physical display of the same.

When electronic validation of documents is not possible, the driver has 5 days to present the physical documents to the authorities or can send the certified PDF by email through the application. In the event of seizure of documents, it is mandatory to deliver them to the authorities within 5 days.

These amendments to the Highway Code reflect the continuous effort to dematerialize and speed up the administrative offense process, article 169 - A of the Highway Code is amended, making it possible to practice procedural acts by affixing a digital signature, with recourse to a solution for integrating attributes providers with the professional attributes certification system and the Citizen's Card, says the State.

It is also allowed that citizens, within the scope of administrative offenses and through voluntary adhesion to the Morada Única Digital, may receive notifications electronically to the electronic mailbox associated for this purpose.

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