Driving: 6 tips to avoid blind spots

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 8, 2022
Updated 2022/08/08 at 3:24 PM

You’ve certainly heard of blind spots. This is an area surrounding the car in which the driver, despite being seated in an appropriate position, cannot see it. This lack of visibility is caused by the poor positioning of the rear-view mirrors and the concealment caused by the car’s pillars.

There are 6 tips that can help you avoid blind spots. Meet them.

Also known as blind spots, blind spots will depend on the type of vehicle you are driving. For example, in a van or a bus, one of the blind spots will be at the rear of the vehicle, which is not so markedly in a car.

  • Windshield: the A pillar, also known as the windshield pillar, prevents visibility at a certain angle. These cases happen, above all, when you want to change direction and there is an external element with a shape similar to the pillar, such as pedestrians or motorcycles seen from the front.
  • interior rear view mirror: if on the one hand it is helpful, it can sometimes give “false” information. The blind spot occurs when the relief is uneven and when crossing roads with different slopes, especially steep ones. In these cases, some elements are “hidden”.
  • Exterior mirrors: It is perhaps the most common blind spot. The exterior mirrors cannot give the driver a full view, especially if it is a motorcycle or bicycle.

Driving: 6 tips to avoid blind spots

6 tips to avoid blind spots

According to ACP, not all drivers are able to have a vehicle with a built-in BLIS (Blind Spot Information System). But there are measures that avoid blind spots:

  • #1) Adjust the seat and interior rear view mirror
    • The adjustment of these two components is essential to obtain a good visibility of what is going on around your vehicle.
  • #2) Adjust the side view mirrors
    • These mirrors, when properly adjusted, reduce the possibility of blind spots. To do this, make sure you see the end of your vehicle. The less body area you see in the mirror, the wider the field of vision you will have. But be careful: it is always advisable to see a little of the car, in order to have a spatial reference of it.
  • #3) Properly signal all maneuvers
    • The turn signals (the "blinkers") must be activated before the maneuvers and not at the moment of making them. Only then will other drivers know what your intentions are.
  • #4) Be careful at roundabouts
    • Overtaking or changing lanes are times with greater risk of collision due to blind spots.
  • #5) Check the field of view
    • When looking in the rear view mirror, go a little further or turn your head slightly to see if, in fact, there is no other vehicle or pedestrian close to your vehicle. This is a way to widen your field of vision a little more. Do it quickly and without changing the vehicle's direction.
  • #6) Identify your vehicle’s blind spots
    • Knowing the blind spots, both of your vehicle and the others, is essential to avoid collisions, especially if you ride motorcycles or bicycles.

In 2004, to avoid accidents resulting from blind spots, Volvo created a system that warns the driver through a light signal whenever it identifies the presence of a car or pedestrian.

The BLIS (Blind Spot Information System, or Blind Spot Information System) makes use of cameras, ultrasounds or even radars built into the vehicle, which detect the presence in areas where the rearview mirror does not allow you to see. When something is detected, the system warns the driver through sounds or light warnings.

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