DuckDuckGo deleted search results from websites dedicated to piracy

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 11:32 AM

As an alternative to Google and Bing, DuckDuckGo has been actively evaluated and monitored. This search engine focuses on privacy and protection of users and their data.

This aura now appears to be being tested, with an important decision that has been made. DuckDuckGo started to delete results from sites dedicated to piracy, dragging with it some that had recently been given the go-ahead to be able to work on the Internet.

It is normal that websites dedicated to piracy are periodically banned from Internet search engines. This scenario is seen in the proposal of Google and Microsoft, in order to comply with court orders and avoid legal problems.

The most recent to follow this path was DuckDuckGo, which deleted from your records many of the sites dedicated to piracy. Unlike the competition, which places them at the end of the results, the decision here was to eliminate them completely.

DuckDuckGo Piracy Sites Court Surveys

The result can be seen immediately when searching DuckDuckGo, for example, for the well-known Pirate Bay. Adding to this well-known site are others of equal weight. So, searching for 337x or Fmovies the result will be the same, that is, without records.

Interestingly, this decision seems to have been taken further and is holding back other sites. When searching for the well-known website Youtube-dl, dedicated to downloading videos from YouTube, the result is the same. This has been authorized to work and does not violate any copyright rules.

DuckDuckGo Piracy Sites Court Surveys

Although this process was thought to be focused on court orders, associated with lawsuits against pirated sites, the truth is different. As a rule these focus on specific links and not on complete domains as you are seeing now in this step of DuckDuckGo.

So far there is no position taken by the search engine. DuckDuckGo seems to be anticipating problems and that's why it decided to take these measures, in order to be protected against any action in which it is included for allowing the sharing of links to sites dedicated to piracy.

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