E-Bikes Eleglide T1 and T1 Step-Thru, an electric aid when cycling

Deepak Gupta May 24, 2022
Updated 2022/05/24 at 3:03 PM

Electric bicycles are now an option for more and more people, especially for those who live in large urban centers, for many of their daily trips, giving up the car or public transport. But also for those who like to walk, but need extra help, especially to face the climbs that multiply throughout the country.

Today we bring you two options that vary essentially in design, the E-Bikes Eleglide T1 and T1 Step-Thru.

Eleglide T1 and T1 Step-Thru E-bikes

The Eleglide T1 and T1 Step-Thru e-bikes have very similar specifications. Its main features are the 27.5" CTS wheels, Shimano 7-speed transmission system and hydraulic suspension system, with lockout.

The bicycle battery is 450Wh and the motor has a power of 250W, and it can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h. The range can go up to 100 km/h and support a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Both bikes are aluminum alloy and weigh 26 kg and have the battery positioned on the frame, they include a small support over the rear wheel, but the T1 Step-Thru model does not have the top bar of the frame, which may be better for some people. None are foldable, however, the saddle and handlebars are height adjustable.

E-Bikes Eleglide T1 and T1 Step-Thru, an electric aid when cycling

The Eleglide T1 ebike is available for pre-order at a promotional price of €899.99. You can also use the discount code 6APM60US for an additional 5€ discount. Likewise, the Eleglide T1 Step-Thru ebike is available for €949.99 (or €944.99 with the code 6APM9TSG).

Delivery is made quickly and free of charge, as it is shipped from a European warehouse.

Eleglide T1 & T1 Step-Thru

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