eBay login does not work: 5 tips will help

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 5:50 PM

eBay is a fine thing. As one of the first websites on the then still virgin Internet, the digital flea market, where you can place digital bids for items, began as early as 1995 under the name AuctionWeb in France. Later, it was gradually able to establish itself in the rest of Europe. Today, Germans still love to offer products via the platform and to purchase them via bids or buy it now. But all activity on the platform is tied to your account. So what to do when your eBay login does not work? With our five tips we can remedy the situation.

eBay login does not work: You can do that

Your eBay login is very important. That’s because all purchases and sales on eBay go through your account. But what if your eBay login doesn’t work and you just can’t access your account? If you can no longer log in to eBay, these five tips will help you:

#1 Check the web address

It occurs among the most observant and experienced internet users and should not embarrass anyone. Maybe you just landed on the wrong website. Look in the address bar of your browser and make sure that there really is “ebay.de” stands. And before that a “https“, because the login page is encrypted in this way. If this is not the case, then you could have ended up on one of the many scammer sites on the net.

The login page looks like this:

Official eBay login page

#2 Check your username and password

You may also have entered the wrong username or the wrong username and password combination. Or an annoying typo has smuggled in. Then simply try again or use the “Forgot Password” function to send you a new, temporary password. You can always change it later.


It’s also possible that the login doesn’t work because you have both an eBay and an eBay classifieds account. Since both are technically separate platforms, you also have two different accounts and possibly different usernames and passwords for them.

#3 Check your browser settings

In order for the eBay login to work and not fail, cookies and JavaScript must be activated in the browser. It is also worth using a different browser if incorrect settings in the regular browser are preventing you from logging in.


Also check whether you have the option “Automatic saving“ have activated. If you have changed your password in the meantime and have not updated it in the browser, it will always use your old access data.

#4 Check if Caps Lock is disabled

According to eBay, the caps lock key on your laptop is preventing you from logging in. This is the key directly above the Shift key on the keyboard. You can tell whether this is activated by the fact that a small dot lights up. However, if this is not the case with your keyboard, you can simply press it once and then log in to eBay again.

#5 Check eBay’s servers

Server problems on eBay, via alle disturbances.de

No system is error-free and maybe eBay is having server problems at the moment. And that’s not what the eBay login is about. You can check this by looking at pages that collect and display error messages. This is possible, for example, with “alle disturbances.de”.

If there is a server problem, eBay will certainly fix it as quickly as possible. However, nothing helps but a lot of patience. You will then have to try the login again at a later time.

Conclusion: eBay login doesn’t work, but you have options

As you can see, there can be different reasons for your eBay login not working. If everything doesn’t work and the eBay login still doesn’t work, your only option is to contact eBay customer service quickly.

However, that’s not all that can go wrong on eBay. For example, the eBay buyer may not pay, or you may want to retract an eBay bid. But even for these scenarios we know what to do.

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