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Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 9:39 PM

THE PQINA is a small Dutch agency working on the development of ‘highly polished web components’ launched in January 2022 the Edit.Photo. The software is a free photo editor that works via browser which promises to be fast and efficient, not having any type of cookies, pop-ups, accounts, additions or tracking.

The editor was developed using painting, an SKD in javascript for image editors also created by PQINA, and works normally on desktop browsers and also on mobile devices in a very intuitive and fast way.

Launched on the 17th of January, the Edit.Photo is in the initial process of development but already has basic editing tools that can help anyone improve their photo. The platform offers the user the possibility to use the crop and rotate tool, filters and miscellaneous features for minor image adjustments, including the ability to change brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, color temperature, clarity, vignette and a few other settings.

Credits: Reproduction / Fabio Feyh

It is also possible to do small annotations on the image, in addition to being able add a frame to the photohey resize it. Unfortunately the software does not support editing in RAW format, which stores more data about the image but is heavier, working only with JPG or PNG files.

The app is still under development, so despite not having features like capture one or the lightroom, the platform will increase the number of tools in the future. Since its launch, the developer Rik Schennink, who created the site, is adding more and more new features to its platform.

The function of Edit.Photo is not to compete directly with the software of the great world companies, but to offer a quick and totally private option of being able to edit an image through the browser.


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Source: Rik Schennink, DPreview

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