Eerie Video: Birds fall en masse from the sky – researchers are puzzled

Deepak Gupta February 16, 2022
Updated 2022/02/16 at 2:22 PM

Science has already observed one or the other strange behavior within the animal world. Often, however, it is a matter of natural peculiarities of living beings. But every now and then they behave in ways that cannot be explained with known knowledge. This is especially true for animals that can actually be described as well researched. In a video currently circulating, a swarm behaves birds very strange – with sometimes fatal consequences.

Birds fall from the sky – but why?

The corresponding clip has appeared on the official YouTube channel of the international news agency Reuters. In it, one initially only recognizes an inconspicuous-looking street, recorded by a security camera. Suddenly, a large flock of birds crashes onto the ground.

Most of the birds fly away immediately. However, several just stay where they are. This is followed by close-ups showing that the animals died as a result of the hard impact. You can watch the video below:

Possible reasons

The whole thing happened in the Mexican city of Cuauhtémoc. The birds are Yellow-headed Blackbirds, a songbird species that, like many others, migrate to a different habitat with the changing seasons.

What exactly lured the birds into this literally breakneck maneuver is not entirely clear. According to ornithologist Andrew Farnsworth, the time given in the video indicates the animals woke up recently, Gizmodo reports. They must have just started their daily routine. A possible explanation is that the swarm was startled – either by a loud noise or by a predator.

birds are dying out

Since there are certainly bird species that fly complicated maneuvers to irritate predators, this is quite likely. It looks like the birds actually did an evasive maneuver, agrees ornithologist Martha Desmond.

However, the exact cause is not apparent in the video. However, this is not an isolated case per se: “These events happen – they are just not usually captured on camera.” In fact, there were already similar reports from 2011, 2013 and 2021. The last case occurred in New York, the reason is the immense light smog over the city, through which the animals would have lost their orientation.

In any case, man-made circumstances pose the greatest threat to birds – be it through artificial habitat shortages, buildings and other factors such as climate change. In North America, for example, there are currently 30 percent fewer birds than there were in 1970 – that’s three billion fewer. Incidentally, there is another surprising effect of climate change on animals. Not even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change could warn of this.

Source: Reuters, Gizmodo

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