EFFIS: Europe breaks record for burned area this year

Deepak Gupta August 15, 2022
Updated 2022/08/15 at 9:41 AM

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) is a modular online geographic information system that provides near real-time and historical information on wildfires and wildfire regimes.

Data compiled by EFFIS indicate that 657,988 hectares in Europe have already burned. Portugal is one of the most affected countries.

EFFIS registers 76,170 hectares burned in Portugal

Europe has been hit hard this year by large-scale fires. Extreme drought, combined with very high temperatures and low rain, has given rise to a series of catastrophes. It will take several years to get back to what we had today.

Spain leads the table in absolute terms according to EFFIS, having already burned 261,930 hectares. Behind is Romania with 150,528 hectares burned. Portugal also appears on the podium, reaching the number of 76,170 hectares burned, most of which in the fire that devastated the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.. This is followed by France, which in recent days has suffered serious fires that have already devastated 61,871 hectares, according to information from TVI.

In terms of percentage of burned area, EFFIS reveals that Portugal is at the top, with 0.80% of burned area. Romania (0.63%), Croatia (0.56%) and Spain (0.52%) follow.

The numbers recorded this year are below what happened in the worst year in the country, in 2017. The available data indicate that in that year, with a total of 408 homes, 563,532 hectares burned. It is recalled that it was in 2017 that the tragedy of Pedrógão Grande shocked the country, in a year that ended with the death of more than 100 people in cases of fires. In Pedrogão alone, the flames killed 66 people and reached around 500 homes.

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