“Encanto 2”: Is there hope for a sequel to the Disney hit?

Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 5:03 PM

Disney Plus ended 2021 with the release of the animated and musical film Encanto, bringing colour, magic and music to the conclusion of the second year of the pandemic. Anyone who has been drawn into the magical world of the Madrigal family must be wondering: is there any hope for “Encanto 2“? In fact, the creators talked about a possible sequel.

“Encanto 2”: That’s what the makers say

Directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda told TVMovie Online that they wouldn’t mind making Encanto 2:

“I would say the world of ‘Encanto’ is so big and I love the family and we have a dozen very different characters that I would love to see in other films.”

via TV Movie Online

Lin-Manuel Miranda also explains in Good Morning America that there are still numerous stories that could be told from the House of Madrigal. But will there be a sequel? “Ask the good people at Disney,” explains the all-rounder.

That’s why there could really be part 2

We can very well imagine that Disney will not miss making Encanto 2. After all, we see in numerous TikTok and Instagram videos how enthusiastic not only the story but also the music of the animated film is. This almost reminds us of the “Let It Go” hype after the release of “Frozen” (2013). By the way, it got a sequel.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is currently the highest-ranking song from a Disney animated film on the US Billboard charts – and has been for over 26 years. With that, the song “Let It Go” even beats. That should be a very positive sign that Disney will certainly not miss.

What does “encanto” mean?
“Encanto” is Spanish and means “enchantment” or “magic”.

How could “Encanto” continue?

Every character in the Madrigal family deserves more history: Whether it’s Mirabel, who ended up with a very special door handle, or Bruno, who lived behind hidden walls for years.

“Encanto” ends with the potential for the start of an entirely new adventure. And we have confidence that those responsible could underpin this with at least as deep-seated message and haunting music as in the first part.

Who made “Encanto”.

Directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush. Both are already known for Disney productions. Bush, who penned the script, also wrote the screenplays for “Zoomania” (2016) and “Vaiana” (2016). Howard directed Zoomania and also directed Rapunzel (2010).

Lin-Manuel Miranda is responsible for the music. We already know his songs from “Moiana”, “Hamilton” (2020) and “In The Heights” (2021). However, he also acts and sings himself: We see and hear him in “Hamilton” and “In The Heights”, for example. In 2021 he also directed the musical “Tick, Tick … Boom!”.

You can stream “Encanto” here

As long as you wait for a possible Encanto 2, you can stream the first part as often as you like on Disney Plus. Here you can also see these cartoon series that make you nostalgic.

Sources: TVMovie Online, Instagram/disney_to_the_core, Billboard

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