Encrypting Your Files Why should you do it?

Deepak Gupta February 19, 2022
Updated 2022/02/19 at 5:01 AM

In such complex times for the security of information, it is necessary to have methods that protect us from negative incidents. The internet and communications make a perfect field for the occurrence of unwanted events. How we can proceed? In this article we will be addressing the issue related to the encryption of your files and the need to do so. We hope that at the end of your reading you have clarified doubts and acquired basic knowledge in a simple Y light.

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What is encrypt or encrypt data?

What is encrypt or encrypt data?

Encrypt or encrypt data is nothing more than the technique of hide message content at a glance. So to access the information you will need a authorization. The content can be varied from a file, data, message or any type of information you can imagine. In the context of the internet any “element” that you send from your device to the network may be encrypted. Encryption is the most effective way to protect your information from unauthorized third parties.

In the encryption universe, it is a procedure that uses algorithms and mathematical methods to hide information. These algorithms modify the information primary and it’s just readable (visible) for those who have consented access. There are various tools for encryption, which are very useful if you want extra protection for your information.

Why encrypt your files?

The encryption of messages and information in general, make our life in communications more secure, mainly when we use the Internet. When you use encryption allow the confidentiality of the messages you send since it is impossible for them to be discovered. These cryptographic algorithms used by different tools allow them to not be easily read if someone intercepts. Therefore, confidentiality is one of the main advantages offered by encryption.

Another element to take into account is the integrity. Protecting a file with encryption allows the file to be as it was last created or modified, that is, it is kept Right Y full. There is the possibility through this way of verifying the identity of the file issuer among many other benefits.

The application of cryptography is wide and responds to the needs of users. In recent years it has gained special relevance in electronic commerce. The security of information systems is weakened by the strong growth of networks and when this phenomenon exists, important issues such as privacy and integrity of the data.

How are your files encrypted?

How are your files encrypted?
encrypt your files

Most services automatically encrypt your files. When you use an application, choose among similar ones the one that provides the best protection for your data. One of the most common encryptions in messaging applications is the end to end encryption. The previous encryption allows the data to only be decrypted when it reaches its destination, since it leaves your device encrypted.

Also, you can use internal encryption that allows you to put a password on a hard drive (internal or external), flash memory, or encrypt just one file or folder on your operating system. Next, we will show you how to do it in a HDD or about some specific file.

Encrypt the entire hard drive

Encrypt the entire hard drive
Encrypt the entire hard drive

The operating system you are using does not automatically encrypt your files unless you have enabled disk encryption options such as Bitlocker (Windows) or FileVault (Mac). There are several easy-to-use free disk encryption tools for your computer. In addition to encrypting the entire operating system, it can do so with your videos, documents, images, etc. Its operation is based on forcing the user to provide their decryption password before the operation.

Within these tools, VeraCrypt performs by isolating a completely different version of Windows inside the disk encrypted. The above allows entering two different passwords when you boot your computer, one of them directs you to your operating system and the other to a version of the operating system that lacks information confidential. This would help in the event that you are forced to reveal the decryption password, you would provide the password that you move to where it does not exist personal information.

On the other hand, there is TrueCrypt which is an excellent option for pc individual. In case it is administrator of a large number of computers you will need to use McAfee comprehensive data protection. McAfee offers disk encryption complete for PC and Mac that provides centralized administration through its ePolicy Orchestrator platform.

Likewise, there are other disk ciphers that are very useful for creating containers of records encrypted. It is nothing more than a folder or virtual hard drive that stores files confidential. With this you can decrypt to view the files and add or delete data, and then encrypt with the same ease to protect them. This type of encrypted drive is stored on a hard drive, but not figure the whole disk.

Encrypting your files (specifically)

if you need only encrypt a file and not all your computer, you can also do it. There are several access programs gratuitous to develop this task, so we will mention only a few.

Among the most popular ways to encrypt files individual it is with the AxCrypt app. With this application change the file extension so that it has a suffix AXX and the file cannot be opened until you provide the password used to encrypt it. Plus, you can encrypt files on a Windows or Mac computer and then view them on your tablet or telephone by means of the application AxCrypt mobile.

Also, 7-Zip is another application of encryption of files that has more than one purpose. A fundamental purpose is to extract files of ZIP, 7Z, RAR, ISO, etc. format. but you can also create new compressed files. When you do this you have the option of encrypting the file names and protecting it with a password. This is a good solution to keep your files out of reach of intruders.

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