Ericsson wants justice to prevent the sale of Apple products in Brazil

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 2, 2022
Updated 2022/02/02 at 5:38 AM

The intense legal dispute between Ericsson and Apple has just gained a new chapter, this time starring Ericsson. The Swedish company has filed a request for a new injunction against the activities of the company Allied, which manages Apple’s operations in Brazil. THE Ericsson wants justice to prevent the sale of iPhones and other devices in Brazil. According to the lawsuit, Allied is responsible for “distributing Apple products that infringe its patents.”

Information on the lawsuit was made public on the website. FOSS Patents. According to the document, Ericsson wants to ban the sale of Apple products carried out by Brazilian retailers. If accepted, the process would result in a cut in the supply of products to the retail stores, depleting the market. In addition, Ericson has already filed several lawsuits against the apple company to prevent the sale of products, alleging infringement on 12 patents related to 3G/4G/5G.

She claims that the US company – which actually used its patents – is not accepting renewals of the agreement, since October 2021. Meanwhile, Apple is also filing lawsuits against the Swedish company, taking the same steps to prevent commercialization. of Ericsson products on American soil.

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In January 2022, Apple asked the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban the importation of the Swedish company’s technologies into the US. In its defense, the iPhone maker comes claiming she is being forced to accept the deal for the use of patents, where the Swedish woman asks for US$ 5 per piece.

In addition, the company alleged to the ITC that Ericsson has already infringed on its mmWave technology patents. To try to resolve the situation as simply as possible, Apple has already said it will drop the charges if Ericsson does the same. Now, with another lawsuit being filed against the company, it seems that the fight between the two will not be resolved peacefully.


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Source: FOSS Patents, 9TO5MAC

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