Everything Bad Can Get Worse – New Blocks for DJI in the US

Deepak Gupta February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 7:05 PM

The DJI. Chinese drone maker, is facing problems in the United States. After a report points out that the company receives subsidies from the Chinese government, US lawmakers seek to impose new trade sanctions on the company. The Senate wants to pass the “Countering CCP Drones Act” to include the company and its drones on the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) banned products list.

It’s important to remember that DJI’s presence in the United States is huge. You The company’s drones represent 77% of the market for consumers and 90% of the drones used by security agencies from the USA. It is no surprise that the US government suspects that the manufacturer is putting user data at risk and providing it to the Chinese government.

DJI has had problems on American soil for some time. In December 2021, the US Treasury Department added the company to a list of companies banned for investments. Also, in 2020 US-based companies can no longer export technology to the drone maker without a proper license from the Bureau of Industry and Security.

Currently, parliamentarians in favor of banning the company are seeking support to pass the law and the matter should still have repercussions on the international market.

DJI claims not to access user data

The company claims that the technology present in DJI drones is designed for users to prevent anyone else – including the Chinese company – from being able to access the information contained in the device.

However, the company itself did not offer comments on the company’s approach to the Chinese government. Thus, such a statement will not be, even close, enough to reduce the suspicions that were revealed by the Washington Post.

The article points out that at least four entities owned or supervised by the Chinese government have invested in DJI in recent years. And the Chinese company itself had always claimed not to receive any state investment.


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