Evil Dead: The Game Review (Xbox Series X)

Deepak Gupta June 7, 2022
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Originally released in 1981, The Evil Dead (created by Sam Raimi) has become a cult film that over these 4 decades has seen several sequels hit the big screen.

In fact, the Evil Dead universe has remained so alive that, in the meantime, it has migrated to other platforms, such as television and video games.

And it is precisely from the most recent video game, Evil Dead: The Game that we have tried and shown you below.

Evil Dead is a horror universe originally created by Sam Raimi in 1981, which has over 40 years of life. In the original film, 5 friends travel to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods where they discover the Book of the Dead, which inadvertently leads them to summon all kinds of demons in the surrounding woods.

Transforming into a cult film, Evil Dead was followed by new film releases, TV series production and video game development. And it's precisely the latest Evil Dead game that we've come to present to you: Evil Dead: The Game, developed by Saber Interactive.

Fans will feel right at home with Evil Dead: The Game, as the locations and characters are taken from the Evil Dead series and properly licensed by Renaissance Pictures.

Evil Dead: The Game transports players back to those cursed woods, in a multiplayer game similar to the original movie, it puts 4 players in the shoes of humans (called Survivors, or survivors in Portuguese) who try to destroy a Demon (controlled by a fifth player) who, in turn, tries to annihilate them.

Game modes and characters

Evil Dead: The Game is primarily a multiplayer game (PVP and PVE) that puts, on one side, 4 players as humans (Survivors) and on the other side, a player who controls a Kandarian Demon (and has at his disposal a veritable army of other demons and the like).

There are several different game modes. The player can:

  • be part of the human-controlled Survivors team against a Demon controlled by another player
  • play as a Kandarian Demon against a team of Survivors controlled by other players
  • join a session where a team of player-controlled Survivors fights the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat controls the demon
  • enter Missions mode that are the closest there is to a campaign, or succession of campaigns, of the series' protagonists. Strangely requires online connection.

Regarding the characters in the game, they are divided by classes (both on the Human and Demon sides).

Therefore, the classes of Humans (Survivors):

  • Leader - Annie Newby is the only leader in the game and her main characteristics are the fact that she exerts a greater influence on other humans and is more resistant to fear.
  • Warrior - Ash Williams, Scotty and Henry The Red are the warriors of Evil Dead: The Game. They are stronger characters that deal more damage in melee combat and have more energy and health.
  • Hunter - Kelly Maxwell, Ed Getley and Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2 version) are characters that can carry more ammo, use ranged weapons better and consume less stamina.
  • Support - Cheryl Williams and Ash Williams (The Evil Dead version) have the opportunity to carry more amulets and passively support other humans.

On the other hand, players who like to play the role of Demons will have the following classes available:

  • Warlord
  • Puppeteer - with greater ability to possess humans
  • Necromancer - with increased power to summon other more powerful demons

A frankly positive aspect is the fact that each character gains experience points depending on their use, and players are obliged to use these characters if they want to improve them.

game mechanics

Evil Dead: The Game's mechanics are relatively simple, or at least, it becomes more or less simple from the 5th or 6th game we enter.

The Survivors have several tasks to perform before they can attack the Dark Ones and close the portal they protect.

In a first instance, right after the beginning of the game, you will have to equip yourself with weapons, ammunition and other tools that are scarce.

After being minimally prepared (will they ever be?), the survivors will have to band together and look for various parts of a map that are hidden somewhere nearby (maps are quite generous). This map, when we have all the parts, will allow us to discover the place where the Kandarian dagger is hidden, which is the only possible weapon to use against the Dark Ones.

Resources are scarce and there are crates with weapons and ammunition scattered around the map, but even so, their management is extremely important.

Each survivor can simultaneously equip a ranged weapon (pistol, shotgun, crossbow,...) and a melee weapon (more than 25, including knives, spiked clubs, and even chainsaws) . And there are weapons with various rarity categories, that is, some are more powerful in attack and durability than others.

When we find a powerful weapon, but we are already equipped with an even more powerful one, we can mark it for our companions to see on the map. This is something useful that many players use, fortunately, in the course of the games.

When we find a new weapon, the comparison of attack power and other characteristics is done through a small context box that appears on the screen, showing the power of our weapon and the difference in relation to the new one.

It is simple and easy to identify if the weapon is worth something or not, even though the text is very small.

One of the most important aspects in the course of the game is Fear. In fact, each human has a fear bar that, if it reaches high values, can make them paralyze or be more easily possessed by the devil. As there is a lot of forest, it is easy for this bar to increase and one of the ways to fight it is to light lights and fires in the middle of the darkness. However, matches are scarce...

Upon being severely attacked, we are left without energy and bleeding, and can be recovered by another survivor. However, if we are not saved in time, we die and our soul remains that way, in abeyance, until another human takes it to an altar to return to the world of the living.

An interesting detail is the fact that, during the game, we can upgrade our character's abilities.

For its part, the player who controls the Kandarian Demon has a veritable army at his disposal. Despite not having a physical presence of its own in the game, in addition to being able to set up spectral traps scattered at strategic points, it can still have humans and other demons to fight the survivors.

But more... it can even open portals to summon new reinforcements, that is, more Deadites, which makes playing as a Demon leave a feeling of power and inevitability. Despite not being a physical character in the game, he has many ways to damage survivors.

The more powerful it becomes, the player controlling the Kandarian Demon can summon more powerful demons, and summon more reinforcements at the same time, leaving the clear feeling that the group of survivors always has a much more complicated task in the course of the game.

For this to be possible, the player will have to consume Infernal Energy (red orbs scattered around the map) which then allows us these reinforcements and traps.

As I mentioned above, fear affects survivors in a paralyzing way when it reaches high values. However, just wandering through the darkness is not enough to increase fear. The traps that the Demon can set also contribute a lot to increase the fear level of humans.

One of the funniest details of playing with the Devil is the fact that while we possess a human, we can either make him attack the other survivors, who have to fight back until the possession ends, or else, simply make him move away as much of the action zone as possible, causing the player who controls it to lose precious minutes of play when they regain control.

Something that makes controlling the Demon even more exciting is the fact that players who control the survivors are almost never aware of their surroundings. Sometimes they only find out when it's too late. Since it has no physical materialization, the demon can advance through humans undetected and thus set up its traps calmly and strategically.

Evil Dead: The Game's combat is simple and undemanding. With the inclusion of some combos and some unlocked passive moves and powers, combat focuses on ranged weapons and melee combat.

Hand-to-hand combat is simple but suffers from some strange problems. The attack moves are sometimes clumsy and when we happen to be attacked by several demons at the same time, there is the feeling that each one waits for their turn, while you would expect them to attack all at the same time.

The camera also doesn't help often in the heat of combat, as it hides objects and enemies, making it impossible to retreat or change direction at times.

Evil Dead: The Game

In principle new content is coming soon and the Season Pass promises 4 more new DLC.

Evil Dead: The Game


  • Play as Demon is powerful
  • cross platform
  • Cooperation between players is crucial
  • Fear system and heavy environment
  • Play as Kandarian Demon


  • Combat too simplistic
  • inability to jump
  • Singleplayer requires online

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