Exoskeletons help workers lift weights more efficiently

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 10:08 AM

Last year, the Taiwanese army created “iron men” suits with exoskeletons, with the aim of increasing the physical stamina of its soldiers. Now, with some of the same goals as exoskeleton Taiwanese company German Bionic launched the 5th generation Cray X, a device that allows people to carry up to 30 kg more, avoiding injuries common in manual work.

The German company’s new exoskeleton is aimed at workers, especially those who work at airports, where they need to carry luggage weights daily.

THE Cray X is a device that doubles as a 7kg backpack, attaching carbon fiber bindings to the upper leg. The device does not offer arm support, but the company highlights the Smart Safety Companion system, which allows for less intense movement, preventing common lifting injuries.

Exoskeleton is monitored by application

According to the head of IoT Norma Steller, the Cray X has the help of a software application that works in real time, alerting workers of a possible risk of ergonomic injury. Thus, according to Steller, repetition without a break can cause stress and fatigue, leaving the person more vulnerable to accidents.

The app even shows which load is being lifted, allowing the person using the equipment to see all this data. In addition, the supervisory team is also able to monitor employee movements through the app.

“As we are collecting each step and each elevation, the data we provide is much more accurate. Especially in logistics, every step, every lift, every trend is usually planned. But sometimes, in the real world, not all plans are fulfilled and all of a sudden we see performance in the workplace going down very, very quickly. And with the data that we provide, you can really do an investigation and find out why this drop is occurring,” Steller revealed.

According to Steller, the Cray X is like a preventive device for industrial use that serves to ensure the health of workers. It is also worth mentioning that the equipment has an IP54 rating, being resistant to dust and humidity.

The suit is designed to be put on and taken off in less than a minute, however, with the 40V hot-swappable battery system, it can also be used for up to one work shift.

In an interview with EngadgetMarius Kiss, head of mechanical research and development at German Bionic points out that fast charging stations have been implemented that charge the device every 30/40 minutes.


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Via: Engadget Source: German Bionic

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