F1 2022 Analysis (Xbox Series X)

Deepak Gupta July 20, 2022
Updated 2022/07/20 at 6:10 PM

It’s been 2 years since EA Sports acquired Codemasters and, by extension, the development of the F1 series, the simulation of the most exciting motorsport competition on the planet.

2021 was a year in which the series brought some new ideas, but maintaining the genetic sequence that has been cementing the game’s position as the best, as far as Formula 1 is concerned.

This year brings some news but also some absences. Come see…

F1 2022 has already hit the market and, at the same time that the Formula 1 championship is in full swing, things are also starting to heat up on consoles and PCs.

Codemasters brings once again, under the EA Sports seal, the new edition of the official competition game, which includes all the news regarding rules, circuits, teams and drivers this year. Particular attention should be paid to the inclusion of the extraordinary Miami track (Miami International Autodrome), spectacularly reproduced with the Hard Rock Stadium at the center of the circuit and the accompanying "false marina", or circuit changes such as the Red Bull Ring in Austria. .

In fact, in this chapter, the series has never accustomed us to something different, having always presented games that are properly updated and in line with reality, always including all the news regarding teams, circuits and (mainly) changes in regulations.

Braking Point

One of the novelties of last year's edition was the inclusion of a Story mode, in which players took on the role of a newcomer to Formula 2, whose objective was to reach the highest levels of Formula 1.

With some intrigue, drama and emotion in the mix, the players advanced in the soap opera in a more or less controlled way but under a narrative that gave an interesting context. Braking Point was a mode that brought something new to the game and captivated many players.

In a somewhat surprising way, this year's edition "forgot" Braking Point. Will it be a temporary absence? Or was Braking Point just a one-episode soap opera? The near future will tell.

In any case, this is an important absence, as it could be the series' opportunity to grow a game mode that, sharing the essence of Formula 1, created a totally different gameplay and immersion, adding a narrative of its own.

The absence of Braking Point (Aiden Jackson and company) is both noted, and on the other hand, an interesting novelty is revealed: F1 Life.

F1 Life

If the absence of Braking Point is noticeable, on the other hand, there is a new concept in F1 2022 that also reveals itself immediately: F1 Life.

To put it more generally, F1 Life corresponds to a form of celebration of motorized passion for each player, presenting itself as a kind of online hub, where we can create and decorate our spaces dedicated to the sport and which can then be visited by other players.

F1 Life acts as a showcase for the player's achievements.

With countless customization options that can either be unlocked during the game or purchased using virtual money (yes, there are micro transactions), each player has the tools and utensils at their disposal to create a "refuge" of their own, decorated to their liking. measure and which reveals all his automotive passion.

All this, however, doesn't have a big impact on the game but F1 Life presents another component that is much more exciting. With the progress of the advances in the remaining game modes, we are acquiring tokens that allow us to unlock some of the most exciting bolides to present in our "sanctuary": they are the Supercars (Supercars in Portuguese).

Bombs like McLaren Artura, Ferrari Roma or the Aston Martin DB11 V12, among others, are waiting for us and that, although they are still few (are more on the way in the form of DLC?), these vehicles can be displayed in some our exhibition halls and, most importantly, we can participate in events with them.

In fact, we can drive each of the Supercars we have in our possession either in time trials or in the Pirelli Hot Lap Challenge mode, which involve different challenges (drift, average speed,...).

In addition to the fun of being able to drive these Supercars, so different in their driving from the F1 and F2 cars, it gains even more interest, as it allows you to alternate a little gameplay.

However, these Supercars suffer from a common ailment, which turns out to be the result of being included in a Formula 1 game. Driving these machines seems too slow and in some ways unrealistic.


Well! But back to Formula 1 and more specifically to what happens on asphalt.

As for what happens on the asphalt, one would not expect a revolution in gameplay as it is easy to understand. However, by implementing the new royal rules and regulations, Codemasters introduced changes to the handling of the cars, the physics of the vehicles and a greater sense of speed.

This year's vehicle regulations and racing rules changes have been quite substantial and F1 2022 hasn't forgotten about them, in what amounts to a great deal of tweaking and adapting the game's engine. Wider tires or new wings, for example, bring new car behaviors that required a redesign of some aspects of car handling and that lead to a need for players to adapt.

In the course of races and other events, we can feel that the cars feel heavier in particular at slower speeds, but on the other hand, much faster when launched and the momentum they cause on arrival in the tightest corners is fantastic. and unforgivable.

The speed and the way in which the curves are attacked make all the difference in the way we exit them, as well as the acceleration on the exit. All this makes the player have to concentrate on every moment of the race. The curves, especially when we are accompanied, are quite demanding to control and try to avoid collisions, being a difficult but at the same time comforting experience.

All this together makes F1 2022 a game that, at first glance, may not seem to have big qualitative leaps, but whose implemented adjustments feel (and good) in practice. These changes have a strong impact on the course of the races, with a particular impact on the entrances and exits of corners, as I mentioned.

The "new" dynamic weather system means that during a race (or between training sessions, for example) there is a greater demand for attention from players.

However, as in reality, not only what happens on the track requires attention, but also preparations before and during the race itself require a great tactical sense in terms of the strategies to be implemented.

Further increasing the realism, there is the possibility of the Safety Car turning before the race starts, the start is now freely controlled (for better or worse), the arrival in the pits, on the other hand, presents a new mechanic in which the player has to press the right button at the right timing so that the stop is as brief and efficient as possible...

Regardless of the player's previous F1 game experience, F1 2022 offers fantastically robust and authentic gameplay, with optional tire wear, fuel management, damage, DRS, and many other factors to consider during races. .

Of course, all this makes players have to adapt. 1 second of deconcentration and you can ruin everything and the Flashback option, existing for many years in F1, is always welcome in these moments (at least in the lower difficulty modes).


Returning, as you would expect, is the Career mode that allows the creation of a career in Formula 1. Both solo and for two players, in cooperative.

As in previous editions, our career can start in F2 or directly in F1 and puts us as drivers on our team, and Squad Managers managing practically everything.

It's a mode that doesn't present much news but remains competent as always. The inclusion of the Pirelli Hot Lap Challenge is one of the novelties, as is the development of mechanical adjustments resulting from the new regulations.

Sprint Races are now available before any Grand Prix, adding a little extra to the game before the race starts and allowing drivers to earn additional points.

During training, as in previous games, the player has the opportunity to acquire extra research points (and other bonuses) by completing certain challenges: race pace, tire management or circuit knowledge. This is done during the training sessions, driving our car and respecting the requirements of each specific training session.

However, for those who don't have the patience to do so, there is now the possibility of completing them through a simple graphical system, in which an evolution bar appears and we have to press the button at the right time.

I could not fail to mention, of course, the immense amount of help and tips that F1 2022 makes available, making the game a truly democratic title. In other words, F1 2022 will certainly please both the most veterans in these journeys that demand and need more advanced challenges, as well as the most beginners who need more help and incentives.

Again, in F1 2022, there is a lack of game modes that invoke the classic cars of yesteryear or scenarios based on championships from past seasons.

All in all, Codemasters has again managed to reproduce virtually and in a very competent way all the emotion and adrenaline of Formula 1, as well as the glamor and passion that surrounds the most important motorsport on the planet.

F1 2022


  • New rules, circuits, drivers,...
  • feeling of speed
  • Helps for Greeks and Trojans
  • Our F1 Life social space
  • brutal sound effects


  • Absence of Braking Point
  • supercars little super

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