FAA expands flight area beyond line of sight in NY air corridor

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 11, 2022
Updated 2022/01/11 at 1:55 AM

THE Federal Aviation Administration FAA, the US transportation agency that regulates aspects of civil aviation in the United States, last week approved an expansion in the air corridor for flights beyond the line of sight (BVLOS) in a region of the state of New York. According to the reports, the authorization was obtained by the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research AllianceNUAIR, responsible for administering New York’s 50-mile UAV test zone.

The approval given by FAA is for unmanned aircraft to fly beyond line of sight in 35 miles of airspace, somewhere around 56 km within the 50 mile drone corridor. The New York State Air Corridor covers the city of Rome to the region near Syracuse.

Unlocking this type of flight should allow commercial operations such as the delivery of parcels or medical supplies by drone to be made possible. “This new BVLOS airspace authorization will allow us to test more advanced and longer range flights and will help us prove that BVLOS operations can be done safely”, said Tony Basile, head of operations at NUAIR, in a statement.

Regulatory processes

According to the portal DroneXL, NUAIR will use Ground Surveillance Systems (GBSS) installed throughout the test area to monitor all air traffic, to keep flights BVLOS insurance. “We have a long history of safe UAS test flights and real-life implementation, including BVLOS operations”, said Basil.

second site DroneDJ, New York State has made several investments aimed at supporting its test site and hopes to attract companies looking to exploit the opportunities offered by UAVs. The expectation is that the measure will expand the way in which drones are used.


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Source: DroneXL, DroneDJ

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