Facebook sued over US man’s death

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 9:23 PM

THE Facebook/Goal is in a new court case that will come to nothing. THE Goal, out of the blue social network facebook, is found guilty of the death of an agent of the Federal Protection Service (FPS, body responsible for the security of federal buildings) for being the means of communication between the two killers. And of course, who blames the company for this: the victim’s sister. She asks for compensation for the murder (and won’t win).

Extremists met on Facebook

The murder of Dabe Patrick Underwood, which took place in June 2020, months before the US elections, was carried out by two men linked to a extremist group supporter of the conspiracy theory that the United States will go through a second civil war. The criminals (linked to the group accused of domestic terrorism by the FBI) used the Facebook to communicate and organize the action that led to the death of the federal agent. Both killers believed that the policeman’s murder (the FPS is a police force linked to the Department of Homeland Security) would be the spark responsible for starting the so-called second civil war. Obviously the murder only caused the arrest of the two men. The conviction is not out yet, but one of the killers could face the death penalty. And the victim’s sister wants the Facebook pay compensation for the death of the federal agent.

Indemnification for providing the communication tool?

The victim’s sister accuses the “negligence of design” of the Facebook did not care about the possible negative impact that the social network can bring to the world. Let me explain it better: the algorithm change in Facebook, focusing on spreading common interests rather than sharing news, did not take into account the risk of bringing more intentional people together. After the 2016 elections the social network actually focused on groups, even posting TV advertisements about this feature. But can you punish the phone for a prank call? And why didn’t she sue the internet operators used by the killers?

THE Facebook is to blame for not having gone deeper in fighting the disinformation and polarization campaign, but if it weren’t for the Facebook, the criminals could have met and communicated through other social networks.


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Source: Tech Dirt

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