Facebook wants to change the rules and prepares one of the biggest changes ever to accounts

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 15, 2022
Updated 2022/07/15 at 12:31 AM

In a very silent way and without announcing to the world, Facebook is being one of the biggest changes ever in the social network. This is still in testing and promises to change the way users will use this service.

From what it was possible to discover, Facebook will change users’ accounts and give them a change that makes them even more useful and adapted to any situation. It will soon be possible to have multiple profiles for each account.




Changes that will change Facebook

It is still in a testing phase, but the team of the largest social network on the Internet has already confirmed that it is really evaluating a profound change in its service. This change will focus on user accounts and what they offer.

what was it it's possible to knowsoon users will be able to have up to 5 different profiles in each account, which will be able to be used in different scenarios and as the user wants, always within the context of the rules that Facebook has defined.

Profiles will give you more opportunities

A practical example of this use of profiles is when the user wants to interact outside their personal sphere. This includes co-workers, interest groups and other areas that Facebook has, each of these profiles being for its specific use.

It is not yet known what the real dimension of this test is, nor how many users it will cover to evaluate it. There is still doubt as to whether this new feature will actually be made public and launched globally and accessible to all users.

Accounts can thus see changed rules

Users will only need to associate their name with their personal account, and then they will be able to create profiles with different information. They will be able to use nicknames or other identities, as long as they do not violate other rules, such as those prohibiting impersonation.

It is curious this change of Facebook when it comes to its accounts. Unlike other networks, the Internet's largest social network forces users to use their own names to ensure they are a real person and not a fake account.

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