Failed to use Gmail in Outlook or other clients? Google’s Secret Change Is The Reason

Deepak Gupta June 21, 2022
Updated 2022/06/21 at 7:57 AM

Despite being a complete email service, Gmail by Google can be accessed by any external email client. These just need to be configured with the right data and the email will easily be accessed remotely.

This aspect has been failing in recent days, without there being a reason why this is happening. An evaluation has already realized what happened and it all results from a change that Google made in secret in the access to Gmail.




Google wants to raise security again

Google has always fought against the use of passwords to access its services in other apps or websites. He always tried to ensure that these were temporary and protected, ensuring this with the creation of passwords for these apps and services.

This is now surprisingly visible to anyone trying to use Gmail on external clients like Outlook, Thunderbird or others. Complaints started a few days ago, with users being presented with requests for passwords, which actually did not allow authentication.

Gmail Google Outlook Password Security

Create a new password for each app or 2FA

An analysis of this problem revealed the cause and also the solution to this problem. Google, without any warning to users, started to prevent the use of username and password directly in these email clients, it is thought of as a security measure.

The solution is apparently simple, and can be activated by any user. Just activate 2-factor authentication (2FA) and use this data and this extra mechanism when authenticating in Outlook or other email clients. 2FA can be enabled this page from Google.

Gmail Google Outlook Password Security

Simple solution for Outlook or other clients

Another alternative to solve this problem is to create a dedicated password for that app. This Google app password allows you to authenticate only one app or service and does not give direct access to the user's account. This feature can be activated this page from Google.

If you have this problem accessing Gmail, the ideal is to take one of these security measures. Google had already warned of the need to use them, but now it seems to be forcing them, albeit silently and without any warning to users.

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