Film studio in space: It should be on the ISS by 2024

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 10:17 AM

The International Space Station ISS is to be expanded by a film studio in just two years. The module is intended to be docked for a specific purpose.

ISS with film studio

British studio Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) commissioned Axiom to build a module with a film and production studio, reports CNBC. This should be able to be docked to the ISS and remain so until 2028. There will be live streams, among other things.

The inflatable module will have a diameter of about six meters and will be called SEE-1. It would be “the world’s first content and entertainment studio and multipurpose arena in space.”

The official website states:

“Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) announces the world’s first in-space entertainment arena and content studios built by Axiom Space.”


Who exactly is responsible?

The Space Entertainment Enterprise was co-founded by Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky. You are the producer and executive producer of Tom Cruise’s upcoming space movie. In 2020 it was announced for the first time that Hollywood plans to shoot an action blockbuster with the actor in space. The 59-year-old should actually fly to the ISS in 2021. However, that has been postponed to this year.

In the meantime, a Russian film team got ahead of them. In October 2021, it flew to the ISS to shoot a movie in space.

More news from space

As plans are made to dock a film studio to the ISS, NASA releases an amazing photo from 1984 showing astronaut Bruce McCandless II. Also, the Mars rover Curiosity made a “fascinating” discovery.

Source: CNBC, SEE

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