Finnish airline will have business class planes whose seats do not recline

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 6:55 AM

In order to provide more comfort for passengers, the Finnish airline Finnair announced a new model of business class seats in partnership with manufacturer Collins Aerospace. However, a specific feature draws attention, the new armchair don’t reclinea function that is expected in seats of this class.

Despite this, the company says the chair is designed to help passengers work, relax and even sleep. In this way, even without the function of reclining, the company guarantees that the seats are comfortable, giving space and freedom to users during the trip.

The new Business Class AirLounge seat has a dashboard to control the foot support, thus allowing the user to decide to sit cross-legged, lie down or just sit with their feet on the floor. The model also has functions such as USB A, USB C, PC power and even Wi-Fi connectivity.

Finnair AirLounge Armchair (Image: Reproduction/Finnair)

According to the company, in addition to allowing the user to work with a notebook or a book, the mobile table can also be moved to a shared dinner with another person, without interfering with the comfort of passengers. The space also has several compartments to store bedding, electronics and other products.

armchair design

Finnair Head of Customer Experience and Product Design David Kondo reveals, “We used a 3D contoured shell to effectively create more space for the customer and create a larger seating space that they can interact with.”

Kondo also points out that with a fixed and contoured design, the AirLounge is a classic Nordic piece of furniture, but that Japanese culture influenced the designs in its creation.

AirLounge (Image: Reproduction/Finnair)

Representing one of the safest companies in the world, the executive also concludes: “If you look at the market, many of the seats used by airlines are really the same. So even if you see differences in color, finish and occasionally a slightly different aesthetic, there really aren’t that many business class seats out there.”

Based in Helsinki, in the capital of Finland, the company operates daily flights with destinations to Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.


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Source: Finnair

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