First 100% electric express bus is already running in Portugal

Deepak Gupta June 9, 2022
Updated 2022/06/09 at 1:13 PM

Portugal has invested heavily in electric mobility. The number of charging stations are increasing, the Government has also been supporting the purchase of electric vehicles and there have also been changes in public administration.

The first 100% electric express bus has already started to circulate in Portugal. Know where.

In addition to 100% electric buses, buses powered by biogas, and buses equipped with solar panels, to be launched soon on an international line that has Portugal as a destination, FlixBus is developing the first European long-distance bus. powered by hydrogen fuel cells, together with Freudenberg and ZF.

Launched at the Bragança Bus Terminal, the first 100% electric long-distance bus in Portugal. After pilot tests with 100% electric long-distance buses in Germany and France and the launch of the first interstate trips with 100% electric buses in the United States, it is Portugal's turn to receive the first 100% electric express bus, which will operate on the link between Porto and Bragança, reveals the Northeast News.

The vehicle, which allows 100% carbon-neutral journeys, has a capacity for 47 passengers and a range of around 350km. Charging time is three hours.

First 100% electric express bus is already running in Portugal

Official data indicate that, in 2019, around 6.6 million passengers traveled on the so-called express trains in Portugal, almost the same as on intercity and long-distance trains (6.7M), which attests to the importance of this means of transport. for the Country, which is complementary to the train.

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