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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 2:25 PM

Like Spotify or Apple Music, Deezer offers its customers a huge selection of songs and podcasts. With the following tips, users can get even more out of the music streaming service on their iOS or Android smartphone.

Find your own mix and songs

Anyone who wants to party is looking for different song suggestions than someone who just wants to relax. The “Flow” feature therefore suggests music based on your own favorites in an endless mix that suits the current mood – whether it’s supposed to be romantic or you’re looking for motivation for training.

If a song is playing on the radio or in a good series, the artist and title of which you do not know, the “SongCatcher” under “Search” will help. Users activate the function with a tap, wait briefly and in many cases are then directly shown which song it is. Then they can add the song to their favorite songs or a playlist.

No data volume consumed

Music fans can use the app to download an artist’s podcasts, playlists or albums onto their smartphones before they leave the house. So you don’t have to stream the songs on the way to work, while jogging or the like and don’t use up any data volume. With offline mode enabled, they also ensure that they only access downloaded content.

Set audio quality

If you want to stream music on the go but don’t want to use up too much data volume in the long run, you can also adjust the streaming quality. In the menu, the bit rate can be set at which songs are to be streamed or downloaded on the go or in the WLAN. Users with a premium subscription can choose between “Basic” (64 kbps), “Standard” (128 kbps) and “High Quality (HQ)” (320 kbps) in the settings. The higher the bit rate, the better the whole thing sounds – but it also uses up more data volume.

The equalizer also allows listeners to adapt the audio experience to their preferences. With the appropriate presettings or sliders, for example, you can emphasize the bass even more.

Save when listening to music

The music streaming service offers different models for music lovers, with which users can also save. If you don’t have a problem with advertising, you can use the completely free offer, which is limited in its range of functions. A premium subscription is available for EUR 9.99 per month, but the first three months are free for new customers. Consumers who want to pay annually get a 25 percent discount and students listen for a month for free before paying €4.99 per month.

A family subscription can also be worthwhile. After a three-month test period, this costs EUR 14.99 a month, but there are also six individual accounts instead of just one. For discerning listeners, there is also a hi-fi range. After three months of testing, the subscription also costs EUR 14.99 here, but you can listen to music in lossless FLAC format.

Own app for audio book fans

In contrast to other providers such as Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube Music, Deezer offers paying customers its own app for audio books and games, specially developed for the German market. The use of “Audiobooks by Deezer” is included in the subscription price. As with a flat rate, users can listen to as many productions as they want. Users can also download titles here and thus save data volume on the go. The Android app also offers the “BookCatcher” feature. This allows a book cover to be photographed and the application will automatically search for the appropriate title.


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