Flux: The LED Night Light which is also a Wireless Charger

Deepak Gupta July 21, 2022
Updated 2022/07/21 at 9:44 PM

Gadgets are increasingly multifunctional! Why not have a wireless smartphone charger system in a small emergency light. The concept is not new, and an example of this is Flux.

THE flow is an LED night light that can also work, in parallel, as wireless charger. Get to know this gadget better.

When functionality is combined with design, we are certainly facing an interesting object. Flux, the LED night light is just that. the lamp FLOW by Prozis it can work as a minimalist decor element, but it also serves to light up the space and even allows you to charge your cell phone without the hassle of wires.

O Flow comes with a tactile control that offers the possibility to adjust the brightness and color. In addition, the flow comes with FOD (foreign object detection) functionality that guarantees safety and protection in case you accidentally place other objects (eg keys or scissors) on top of the device.

To charge your wireless phone, simply place it on the base. In this way, entries are not spoiled and, in addition, you will have your mobile phone fully charged in a short time, considering the maximum power of 10 W. The LED lamp is energy efficient, as it is a superior quality light with lower energy consumption. .

Flux technical specifications

  • Weight: 165 g
  • Dimensions: 213 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Input voltage: 5V ⎓ 2A
  • Material: ABS; PP; Rubber
  • Estimated power of the product: 14 W
  • Estimated lamp power: 1 W
  • LED: 6 × 0.2 W / LED
  • Lighting: ≥ 130Lux
  • Color reproduction index (CRI): Ra ≥ 90
  • Luminous flux: > 40 lm
  • Color temperature: 3000K
  • Lamp lifetime: Up to 10,000 h
  • Wireless charger power: 10W (max.)
  • Wireless charging distance: 3–5mm

Enjoy the Promotion

Pplware, in partnership with Prozis, gives you the possibility to purchase this LED Night Light with Wireless Charger with a 10% discount using for this the voucher PPLWARE (which you should put in step 4 of the checkout of your order)

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