Foldable MacBook with 20-inch screen is in Apple’s plans [RUMOR]

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 10:47 AM

Several recent rumors indicate that the apple is testing different types of folding displays, mainly for the launch of a future “iPhone Fold”. But apparently the Cupertino giant has other plans for this type of display, planning products like a notebook with a flexible display.

According to information obtained by Ross Younggives Display Supply Chain Consultantswho wrote a pretty thorough report on the current foldable smartphone landscape, the company founded by Steve Jobs he can delay the launch of your first foldable smartphone. Young says the company’s model may not be ready until 2022 and that the manufacturer is “splitting up” development efforts, with it also creating concepts for other devices with these flexible panels.

This other device is supposed to be a 20 inch foldable screen laptop, which is larger than the vast majority of mobile devices with flexible displays today. The concept of apple ordinary foldable macbook is that it serves as a notebook that can be moved around without problems, but that could also be used as a computer when the screen is fully open.

Credits: Apple Disclosure

However, as possible foldable iphonethe plans to launch this notebook are still just beginning, with the launch may only happen in 2025but with the company’s timeline suggesting that it may not arrive until 2027. With this large display, the company will be able to bring a high resolution screen to the MacBookssuch as 4K or even greater.

With the launch of this possible flexible notebook, the apple would be creating with this a new category of notebooks, with possible other models being launched together. In addition, the portal iMore points out that, because the Cupertino giant is thinking of its own model, it has information about other manufacturers developing a model similar.

The portal points out that the apple has a reputation for being late in the markets, but not for being late, but for see competitors’ mistakes and improve your device based on that. Anyway, it will take a while to have any official information about the possible foldable macbook.


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Source: iMore, Display Supply Chain Consultants

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