For “Bachelor” Dominik Stuckmann, age “doesn’t matter at all”

Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 1:10 PM

From January 26 (8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL +), “The Bachelor” is looking for his great love again. This time Dominik Stuckmann (29) is allowed to distribute the roses. 22 single women compete for the entrepreneur’s attention. After the last season, which had to take place in Germany due to the corona pandemic, this time there will be flirting in Mexico.

With breathtaking scenery, “of course you imagine a perfect romantic date on the beach, with a glass of wine, candlelight,” says Stuckmann in an interview with the news agency spot on news. A no-go on the first date? “If you’re just on your cell phone.” Age doesn’t play a role here – but the subject of marriage does.

What is the first thing you notice in a woman?

Dominik Stuckmann: When I meet a woman, the first thing I really notice is her face, her eyes and her charisma. I think that’s an important factor, because based on the charisma I can tell whether there’s a certain attraction or not.

What does the perfect first date look like to you?

Stuckmann: Given that the trip is taking place in Mexico, you naturally imagine a perfect romantic date on the beach, with a glass of wine, candlelight – that just sounds perfect.

Do you associate something with the country?

Stuckmann: I’ve never been to Mexico before, but I’m sure I’ll have a huge connection to the country after the trip. Of course, when you experience unique things somewhere, it creates a huge connection and meaning.

What would be a no-go for you on a date?

Stuckmann: No-gos would be if you only use your mobile phone on the first date, if you are late or if you don’t pay attention to the other person. But I think you can also speak up when a date isn’t going well and say it’s not going well. You don’t have to make up any white lies. Always communicate openly and honestly.

Your job means you travel a lot. An obstacle to finding a partner?

Stuckmann: Probably not. I commute between Gran Canaria and Frankfurt and get to know a lot of people. Even outside of social media, because I’ve only been there for a short time, I’ve never had any before. The problem of not being able to meet women actually never existed. And when I meet a woman, I don’t have a problem tying myself to one location. If a woman is either more or less tied to a certain location, I am also willing to change something for love – because I’m not the long-distance relationship type, by no means.

One of the candidates works in Marbella, Spain. By commuting between Frankfurt and Gran Canaria you yourself have a connection to Spain. Could that be an advantage for you?

Stuckmann: You definitely have something in common that you can talk about. She lives in Marbella, I have a big point of reference to Gran Canaria – that’s an extraordinary situation for both of them.

Do you see yourself as a husband and family man in the near future?

Stuckmann: Yes, of course, that’s wishful thinking. Getting married is definitely a topic I would like to tackle in the future – having children too. I can well imagine.

How did the shooting go under Corona conditions?

Stuckmann: There was a concrete concept and many measures, among other things we were tested very often. We followed all the rules very strictly.

Did you get tips from your predecessors beforehand?

Stuckmann: Actually not, no. I also didn’t follow a season completely in one go. I tuned in every once in a while, but never watched a full season. And even when I found out that I was going to be the new “Bachelor”, I didn’t get any tips. I want to write my own personal story anyway and don’t set any standards for myself. I don’t want to be guided by anyone else.

The youngest candidate is only 21 years old. What do you think of large age differences between partners? Can it be an obstacle when getting to know each other?

Stuckmann: In my opinion, age doesn’t matter at all, it’s just a number. Much more important is the life situation the person is in. At the end of the day it has to fit somehow, that you are in the same phase of life, with things in common that you can build on. If all goes well, then age doesn’t matter.

Among the candidates is a podcaster who speaks openly about sex and dating. Would that bother you in a relationship?

Stuckmann: No, not really. Everyone can talk about whatever they want! It is also important to talk about many things. There are many people who do not dare to address such topics. It is an interesting topic, and also polarizing. It’s not a problem for me, I’m very neutral about it.

In the last season there was a real chaos of love. What will you do differently than your predecessor?

Stuckmann: Doing things differently is always a thing. Everyone writes their own story, everyone has to stay true to themselves and be authentic. If you keep these things, you write a story that is very individual – you don’t have to talk about “different”. For my part, I can say that I am a humorous young man who is up for this adventure and above all wants to meet a woman. And I stick to my principles.


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