For Vodafone, O2, Telekom & Co .: This is how you can listen to your mailbox

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 9, 2022
Updated 2022/01/09 at 6:19 AM

You want yours check the mailbox? This is basically very simple, you just have to know beforehand which mobile operator you are with. Once the question has been resolved, it is necessary to call an appropriate short code, depending on whether you are with Vodafone, O2, Telekom or another provider. We’ll show which one is right for you.

Listening to mailboxes from different providers: you need to know that

First, you should find out which cellular provider you have a contract with. The choice is almost unlimited these days and it doesn’t matter whether you use a prepaid or long-term tariff for your mobile phone. Again, it is crucial that you then dial the correct number in order to be able to listen to your mailbox.

The number to be dialed is always free of charge for you, i.e. the user of the contract. However, if you call your mailbox using another cell phone or a landline phone, or if you are even abroad, you may have to pay a fee for the information. You can easily find out whether this is the case in advance via your contract.

Listening to the mailbox: These are the numbers for Vodafone, Telekom and more

To listen to your mailbox, you usually only need the relevant speed dial on your mobile phone. From another device, for example your landline phone, or from abroad, you have to enter the full number and even a so-called mailbox PIN is required. Below we provide you with a rough overview of the most important providers and their mailbox numbers:

providers Speed ​​dial Mailbox number
Vodafone 55 00 Area code + 55 + your phone number
Telecom 33 11 Area code + 13 + your phone number
O2 333 Area code + 33 + your phone number or 0179 30 00 33 3
Aldi Talk / E-Plus 99 11 Area code + 99 + your phone number

Speed ​​dial not working? This could be because you recently changed your contractor and took your old cell phone number with you. Nevertheless, it is possible to listen to your mailbox at Telekom, O2 and Vodafone. Simply use the full mailbox number for this. Depending on which provider you were with before, you also have to use the appropriate mailbox code for the area code.

Primaries With:

  • 0151; 0160; 0170; 0171 and 0175 select the 13th
  • 0152; 0162; 0172; 0173 and 0174 dial the 55
  • 0157; 0163; 0177 and 0178 dial the 99
  • 0159; 0176 and 0179 dial the 33

There is a special rule for foreign countries: If you want to check your mailbox outside of Germany, you must first enter the correct country selection for Germany instead of the first 0 of the area code. This is +49, so for example +49151 instead of the usual 0151 if you are a Telekom customer.

Mailbox PIN for abroad, the landline or another cell phone

If you want to check your mailbox but use a different cell phone or the landline phone, you not only need the full mailbox number, but also a special mailbox PIN, which you can find in your contract details. This also applies in most cases if you are abroad.

  1. Dial the full mailbox number, which you can find in the table above.
  2. After your mailbox greets you, press one of the following codes:
    Telekom and E-Plus: Asterisk key
    and four-digit mailbox PINO2
    : Asterisk keyand the four-digit PIN, confirm with the hash key (#)
  3. Vodafone

: Enter a four- or six-digit PIN

You should then be able to listen to your mailbox menu and any messages you have left as normal.

Conclusion: Listening to the mailbox is child’s play

As you can see, wiretapping your mailbox is not rocket science. Not even if you have just changed your provider, are abroad or want to use a different device.

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