Forced security? Google takes action for millions of users

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 14, 2021
Updated 2021/12/14 at 8:20 AM

safety is important, but how important most people decide for their accounts. Google now takes another step and automatically activates a measure that was previously deactivated for years.

Google Account Security: New Authentication

Basically, two-factor authentication is not new, but for users: it was not activated automatically until recently. This type of authentication means that the password alone is no longer sufficient. After entering the password, an SMS code must therefore usually be entered or an email must be confirmed. Face ID, fingerprints and the like can also be part of the two-factor authentication. There is also an app from Google for authentication, along with many others from other providers.

Automatic conversion of 150 million accounts

Google announced the conversion of authentication in the context of security last week by email. From December 14, 2021, the type of log-in should change for some of the users.

A total of 150 million users are affected, as Google revealed to the mirror on request. For the rest of the accounts, it is initially not possible because they do not have any data stored for automatic two-factor authentication. However, it can also be deactivated again just as quickly in the settings, if desired. Regardless of this, however, it makes sense to set them up, as fraud and hacker attacks continue to increase. The new way of logging in is therefore a compulsion in the name of security that will only harm fraudsters.

With the change, however, Google will not be able to protect everyone, as phone fraud is still widespread. And even online banking is affected by some scams.

Sources: Spiegel

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